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Welcome to the seventh weekly article on Sket Dance! The sixth weekly report was done by my teammate, KuroNekoXIII. We are going to talk about this week's episode 29, The Second Coming of The Mistaken Angel. For those of you who are new, my team is called Team W.I.K.I Nation; and my teammates are Annabanana, KuroNekoXIII, HalberdierV2, Hibaru, and Piface314. I'm here to promote the franchise and the love of my team and their work.

* As of Oct. 22, 2011, MohsinMan99 is our new teammate for Team W.I.K.I Nation. He's the Gintama expert.

See the image gallery for episode 29.


This episode covers two stories in the manga: chapter 47: The Second Coming of the Mistaken Angel in volume 6 and chapter 75: Food Fighter in volume 9. The last episode was about Shinba Michiru's cooking.

  1. First Story: Sket Dan gets a request from Dante who has lost his love spell. He has a crush on a girl named Yukie. Will Sket Dan help Dante with his romance problems and find his lost love spell?
  2. Second Story: Bossun and his crew lose the jumbo ramen contest where the winner has to eat a big bowl of ramen (in 40 minutes) in order to get a set of ramen meals for his/ or her group. If he or she loses, the loser has to pay 5,000 yen. The Sket Dan crew find Chiaki who has the ability to eat food at insane speeds which it looks like she does not swallow or chew at all. Will Chiaki win the contest?
Come try out some Drymon Chocolate!
Come try out some Drymon Chocolate!

Tune in and watch Sket Dan episode 29. It's funny and it make you laugh hard.

*I don't read the manga until I see the anime episode, so I won't be spoiled and to fill out the Anime and Manga differences section on the wiki page.


Yukie Izumisawa
Yukie Izumisawa
Yukie is Dante's love interest.
Trivia Questions:
  • See her page or this link.
Ramen Shop Owner
Ramen Shop Owner
The Ramen owner has no name. (If you guys know his name, please tell me) I haven't add him to Anime Vice's Database.

Check out the Trivia Portions!

Click it to see her eat quickly!
Click it to see her eat quickly!

Bonus: I made an animated GIF for Chiaki Takahashi's special eating abilities. See this link, http://gifninja.com/animated-gifs/352923/chiaki-the-super-eater.


Beware of Spoilers! I try not to give out too much information, so I stick with 3 at best.


Dante blushes
Dante blushes
  • Switch is such a funny hypocrite when he tells others to speak normally. Like he should talk. :)
  • Bossun's answer to Chiaki's problems is brilliant and hilarious. I laugh so hard at his prep speech.
  • Jogasaki and Dante are excellent comedic characters due to their personalities. Dante's expressions and his vague words just throws me off.
  • A great episode for Chiaki and Dante fans.


  • Why's the camera zoom on the girl's legs? I count three times. It is Hime, Yukie, and Chiaki.

*Unless I was staring at it for no reason and over thinking it.

  • The ending theme song does not have Reiko Yuki in it. It has Moe and Hime, Momoka, Roman, Mimori, and Daisy. No love for the Occult girl? (I just realized since today.)


Hime calls this scene, a twisted fetish. How?
Hime calls this scene, a twisted fetish. How?
  • If Switch can look up Dante's love interest, how come he cannot find out who Yukie likes?
  • The only girl seen to puke in the show is Kagura from Gintama. (See Sket Dance episode 26 - Sket Dance X Gintama Crossover) Why did they not show and censor Chiaki puking?

Overall, the episode is excellent, and the two manga stories are separate due to a missing character in the Food Fighter one. I liked that anime altercation for this episode. Plus, this episode is good for Dante and Chiaki fans.


I thank you guys for reading this. You guys are awesome. I thank my team for being super, special awesome. (I need some new vocabulary) Even though this week, my teammates were working on different franchises and were busy with school, I did this episode's plot summary, points of interests, and anime/manga differences. The Beelzebub team did a lot this week. I had a side project this week. It's a secret. Please check out our wiki work on episode 29 and check out it image gallery. Please check out our Team W.I.K.I Nation's Vitae list!

Team W.I.K.I Nation wants to you get involved!
Team W.I.K.I Nation wants to you get involved!

Get involved in this community! You can blog, review, comment, or wiki edit. The more people, the better this community would be. Give some recognition to wiki editors, reviewers, and writers out there. I'm open to suggestions for the weekly blog. I try to make it consistent, but I do slight changes to keep it dynamic and flexible.

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* As of Oct. 22, 2011, MohsinMan99 is our new teammate for Team W.I.K.I Nation. He's the Gintama expert.

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