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Weekly Sket Dance 21: Otaku and Occult's Date

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Team's Background

Welcome to the first Sket Dance's Weekly Episode Report. I'm Takashichea, a member of Team W.I.K.I Nation. Team W.I.K.I Nation works on the Sket Dance franchise. It stands for

  • W - Wiki
  • I - Innovation
  • K - Kindness
  • I - Intelligence

Represent! It's like Sket Dance's abbreviation. In addition to wiki editing, we spread the love of Sket Dance. Please see our blog.

Plot Summary

When Reiko asks Switch to help her select a suitable computer, so she can make her occult website, Switch takes her to the mall much to Hime and Bossun's confusion. As Hime and Bossun stalk Switch and Reiko, they find out Switch is knowledgeable in other areas besides computers. However, Switch and Reiko lose Hime and Bossun who meet Shinzo and Chiaki. Later in the day, Reiko meets Kobayashi, her former middle school classmate?

Will Switch and Reiko get along? What did Kobayashi did to Reiko? What did Hime and Bossun did with Chiaki?

Watch this episode to find out!


Switch & Reiko's spat
Switch & Reiko's spat
  • Another episode that deals with the funny relationship of Switch and Reiko who are polar opposites. (The second one)
  • Switch and Reiko's character are revealed. They are weird but true to themselves.
  • Even though it's not in the manga, Chiaki and her brother's appearances made a wonderful contribution to the episode.
  • Switch helps Reiko get back at Kobayashi.
  • Extra Story is hilarious where Switch (host) and Hime plays Shiriitori with the other girls.

Shiriitori's Rules

The theme is words that have to do with summer. If the word ends in "n," the player is out.

*Sorry, I'm bit vague with the details, but I have to get you guys to watch the episode.


Actually, I can't think of any. Feel free to add any things that was bad with this episode.


Ring Reference
Ring Reference
  • Switch knows a lot about cosmetics.
  • Hime and Bossun think Switch and Reiko are going out while Switch and Reiko thinks Hime and Bossun are going out as well.
  • Ring Reference: Reiko and Switch appears in front of a well.
  • I wonder if Switch or Reiko can convert each other to their beliefs, but it probably won't happen. I can't imagine a gothic Switch.


Thanks to my team and the writers from this community who inspires me to keep going. It's time for me to give back to Anime Vice. Don't worry, I will get a beginner guide posted for you guys who are new to Sket Dance and the other two projects. (Hopefully before October) I just need confidence and practice.


Please see episode 23 for complete information after watching this episode. There's ton of stuff.

Don't be afraid to comment or voice any improvements I need with these weekly articles. I'm open to suggestions because these help me improve my writing for the beginner guides. Wiki editing and writing about anime to persuade others is a different style. I'm too used to informative, wiki editing.

*Team's Background: I do this for the first Weekly episode of a franchise.

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