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Welcome to the weekly Mushibugyo review! First, I wanted to apologize for the late report due to the wiki workload both in Anime Vice, Animanga Wikia communities, and Screened. I will do a review every Monday to promote the Mushibugyo Discussion thread. All comments are welcome here or over at the discussion thread.


Mitsuki is investigating the whereabouts of the Insect Magistrate, and she plans to seduce Jinbee Tsukishima to get answers. When she gets jealous of Oharu (mostly Oharu's large breasts) and does not get much answers from Jinbee, she kidnaps Oharu in order to get the answers. Though, Mitsuki does not get any answers when Jinbei confesses that he doesn't know anything.

Meanwhile, the Mushikari head to Hachijo Island to hunt the Insect Magistrate.



  • Mitsuki gets the spotlight in this episode. I enjoy how she is dumbfounded by Jinbei's stupidity.
  • Speaking of Jinbee, his funny moments are entertaining. I love his dumb moments.
  • Mushikari gets introduced. The plot is moving from Monster of the Day theme to something else interesting in the series. It's a nice refreshing change.


  • The repeated scenes of Jinbee freaking out when Haru and Mitsuki press their breasts against Jinbee's body gets tiring.

Overall, this episode is great. It finally changes things up. It's has been Monster of the Day plus the character origin stories theme. With the Mushikari, I hope to get answers if Koikawa will get revenge on the Mushikari for killing his mother. I wonder why Koikawa does not have a grudge against Mugai, a former Mushikari member.

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In terms of wiki progress, I created the Mushikari and Mushibugyo concepts. I still struggle to find the Kanji for these pages.

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