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Howdy everyone and welcome to another weekly report of La Storia della Arcana Famiglia. Last week, we got an insider's look in Libertà and Dante's past. This week, it's all about Nova. We find out why he is so cold.

Plot: Libertà is not the only one dealing with memories of the past. Nova who has been a part of the family since childhood, has never fully felt comfortable.

By Crunchyroll


Beware of spoilers!


Who's in the tank?
Who's in the tank?
  • Nova's past is revealed in this episode. I find it interesting that he was in an arranged marriage with Felicitá until he voided it when he lost control of his powers and end up killing his parents. He opens up a little bit, but he thinks Felicitá does not understand him.
  • Jolly's secret left some questions. I'm thinking it's Elmo who is in the tank.
  • The chickpea soup scene is pretty humorous. I haven't tried chickpea soup.


  • It depends if you like Nova or hate him.
  • For those who are aching for Arcana Duello or a faster pace, I doubt you'll be happy with this episode at this point.

Overall, this episode is good for fans who like to take it slow, and for fans who are the opposite, you'll probably dropping this.


These are the highlights. For more images, please check out the La Storia della Arcana Famiglia's image gallery.


Thank you guys and gals for supporting the anime and the wiki editors who are working hard. Sonata has a cool transparent PNG this week.

Wiki Progress: I finished Ep. 5 but needs proofreading; I updated Nova's origin section.

Fukulota Transparent PNG by Sonata
Fukulota Transparent PNG by Sonata

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