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Welcome to the weekly report of the La Storia della Arcana Famiglia series! The summer weeks are going fast for those who live in the northern hemisphere. Last week, the episode was about a finding owner of a lost cat while Felicitá gets to know how her Mafia family works.


The story begins with Felicitá, Libertà, and Nova are investigating the mysterious ghost in the kitchen only to find it was Luca who used the ghost to scare Pace from eating the food for the Piccolino, an event where Felicitá and the gang play with the children. The day gets ruined for the children when it starts to rain.

Find out what happened by watching this episode on Crunchyroll!


Beware of spoilers!


Sumire and Nova
Sumire and Nova
  • In this episode, we don't get any new info on Arcana powers, but we get to learn more about Pace, Debito, and Luca. Plus, Liberta's origin story is bit revealed, too.
  • Speaking of more info on characters, I love Sumire's scene with Nova. It shows how Nova is learning to be open while Sumire reveals her motherly skills.


  • Since this is a report, I have to be neutral. This episode is a hit or miss with fans. For fans who want action and info about Arcana Duello, this episode may feel like a filler to you.

Points of Interest

Jolly greets someone off screen
Jolly greets someone off screen
  • This is interpretation. I think Elmo went home to Jolly who says welcome back home and asks if the person (who is off-screen) had fun today.
  • Sumire - I didn't know she was stacked (endowed). Makes me wonder if Felicita will grow up to be beautiful as her mother.
  • Libertà - After he groped Felicitá's breasts by accident, he did a good job in dodging her kicks. Most guys in anime would go down. I loved it.

Overall, this episode is great and definitely better than the last episode. It may not be great for everyone for those who want action. It's excellent for those who want to know about the characters.


Please enjoyed the images.

A Piccolino is an Italian word for an event where the adults and children spend and play with each other.


Thank you guys and gals for reading this weekly report. Please support the anime and the wiki editors who are working hard on the wiki project. Right now, BigHeart711 and I are having school. We're juggling a lot of things and so is Sonata who is happily working on ecchi anime projects.

Wiki Progress: This week, we expanded the Arcana Powers page and added more images. Ep. 3 took a while to finished, and Elmo's page was added.

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