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Finished capping and updating KanColle and Cute High Earth Defense eyecatches. Threw in some beach caps. Next up is Unlimited Fafnir and Kuroko Basketball 3. The only ones I can't do is Death Parade, Absolute Duo, and Assassination Eyecatches.
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Plot Summary

Welcome to La Storia della Arcana Famiglia report!

Felicità lost her memories when she attempted to use her Wheel of Fortune powers to save her father. Jolly proposes to use his Arcana Powers to restore Felicità's memories, but the rest of the guys do not forgive Jolly. Will Felicità get her memories back.


Beware of spoilers!


Jolly gets the spotlight
Jolly gets the spotlight
  • Jolly fans will definitely love this episode. Plus, you get to see his Arcana Powers for the first time.
  • Nova and Libertà are making big progress with their character development (more of Nova).


  • I'm pretty worried about how they are going to end this since I think on ANN that they have 12 episodes. I wanted this series to last a bit longer because I got another Italian themed harem, Campione. Campione seems to have a long life span judging from the light novels. It's for a special blog that compares harem and reverse harem's attributes.
  • For this episode, there's not much bad stuff that I can think of.

Overall, this episode is good and not slow or boring. We got somewhere in the plot, but the Arcana Duello may not appear. I'm hoping to see a good conclusion for this series since harem games based anime have multiple endings.


Thank you everyone for reading this report. Please support the franchise and the wiki pages.

Wiki Progress: My team and I didn't do much since school is starting for most of us, and we are dealing with plenty of wiki projects.

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