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Welcome to Guilty Crown report! This is the last report I'll write for Guilty Crown because I want KuroNekoXIII to wrap the series' last two episodes. He is my teammate who started the Guilty Crown wiki project. He has to end it. Let's get into this episode!


Episode 20: Remembrance

Gai has Shibungi delivered Dr. Kurosu's diary to Shu; Keido and Gai explain their origin stories. Keido recalls the good times he had with his former best friend Kurosu as they research the Genomic Resonance Theory. Years later, Mana gets infected with the virus, Yuu explains to the two scientists that she would be Eve to produce a new race after the apocalypse. The thought of Kurosu's blood determining the next generation drives Keido jealous. Meanwhile in the present, Shu gets ready to confront Gai.

Find out the events that lead to the Lost Christmas!


Beware of spoilers!

New Characters

Dr. Kurosu
Dr. Kurosu
Dr. Kurosu Ouma - The father of Shu and Mana and the doctor who worked on the Genomic Resonance Theory. He's the man who supposedly finds the solution to the Apocalypse virus.
Saeko Shijou - The biological mother of Shu and Mana who died on the day of Shu's birth.


Shu and Souta&squot;s "manly" hug
Shu and Souta's "manly" hug
  • We finally learn the truth behind Gai, Dr. Kurosu, and Keido's backstories that revolved around the Lost Christmas event. The jealously of Keido and Kurosu's lone wolf mentality ends in a tragedy where Keido kills his best friend.
  • Happy Ending: Despite the tragedies that happened in the past, the episode ends with Shu reestablishing trust between friends with their lives in his hands. The scene where Shu and Souta have a handshake to reinforce their friendship bring some closure especially since Shu blamed Souta for Hare's death.
  • Interestingly, Haruka mentions that Shu's name means group which contrasts Dr. Kurosu's lone wolf personality. Dr. Kurosu wants his son to be with everyone. Isn't that sweet?


Mana: Little bro, let&squot;s "tied the knot!" (Yuck!)
Mana: Little bro, let's "tied the knot!" (Yuck!)
  • This episode is a condensed flashback. I wish they took the story a bit slower. I still await how Shibungi and Gai met and how Funeral Parlor came into being.
  • The episode has no action but drama and suspense. It's hit or miss with fans who want some action.
  • Incest: The fact that Mana and Shu who are are supposed to be the "Adam and Eve" beings to produce a new race after the 4th apocalypse disturbing. I don't mind the religious allusions, but incest is disturbing to me. Won't that create problems for their offsprings since diversity in genes increase chances of survival. The anime doesn't make sense to me. Go figure.


Who supports Yahiro X Kanon?
Who supports Yahiro X Kanon?
  • Fate is a Cruel Mistress:Gai try to escape fate, but he meets Mana and Shu in the end. I wonder if Gai likes Mana or Inori more. I already know Shu loves Inori than Mana, his crazy sister.
  • Speaking of a crazy sister, Mana disturbs me. She has a creepy grin and look as she waits patiently for Shu's birth.
  • Anyone thinks Kanon and Yahiro are a potential shipping couple? Kanon and Yahiro get a lot scenes together. Who knows?

Overall, the episode is great, but it needs to slow down a bit. Hopefully, the fans get a flashback on how Funeral Parlor is created and how Gai meets his teammates, Ayase, Tsugumi, Arugo, Shibungi, Tsugumi, and others.


Please enjoy the episode screenshots that were uploaded by my teammates.

Please thank Random Curiosity for these images.

These End Cards appear at the end of almost every Guilty Crown episodes.


Thank you for reading my team's weekly Guilty Crown reviews. Please give a round of applause to my teammates: KuroNekoXIII (Kuro), LordBane666, and Colorbrandon.

Wiki Progress: I just finished Ep. 20's page and uploaded End Cards for the Eyecatch concept page. Please see the Guilty Crown Wiki project and Kuro's Guilty Crown Wiki Vitae list.

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