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Welcome to the weekly Guilty Crown report! Technically, it's not a weekly report since we're behind. The last one was written on Feb. 17. I'm going to do my best to get the reports up to 20 for Kuro and the team. Around this time, Guilty Crown anime is done.

My teammates are KuroNekoXIII (Kuro), LordBane666, and Colorbrandon.


Kingdom: The Tyrant - Ōkoku:The Tyrant (王国:The Tyrant)

Arugo and Oogumo arrive to Tokyo to rescue Arisa for Okina. However, Arugo is stopped by Shu who has the whole school under his control. They find a startling truth about the Voids and how Hare truly died. Meanwhile, Keido, Haruka, and Seiga prepare to take their plans up a notch at GHQ.

By KuroNekoXIII (See Ep. 16)


Beware of spoilers!


Arugo own Shu
Arugo own Shu
  • Shu is such a jerk in this episode. Despite how Shu treats his subjects and friends, it's a nice change from Shu's indecisive, wimpy self. I bet Karma will get Shu in the end.
  • Speaking of karma, I love when Ayase bitch slap Shu and how Arugo pins Shu like it was nothing. These are the best moments in this episode.
  • Inori's dark side is slowly taking control of her as she attacks poor Arisa. It proves that Inori still have some secrets about herself that keeps the viewers guessing.
  • The scene where Shu discovers how Hare died plays smoothly with the tension between Yahiro, Arugo, and Shu rises. When someone's Void breaks, the person dies by crystallizing and disintegrating into purple dust.


  • It's hard to keep watching the series since some characters are hard to enjoy.
Who is this? Find out by watching the next episode!
Who is this? Find out by watching the next episode!

Overall, this episode is awesome with a couple of scenes that leave you hating Shu. Let's see if Shu can lead his classmates to safety in the next episode.


Thank you guys for reading my team's report. I thank my teammates for their support and hard work. Colorbrandon did a great review on Guilty Crown and thread on Guilty Crown's Ending interpretation.

Please check out Guilty Crown wiki project and Kuro's Wiki Vitae List. We always welcome extra help from the community in the Guilty Crown wiki pages.

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