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Hello, everyone and welcome to the Weekly Guilty Crown report! I'm Taka, a teammate of KuroNekoXIII (Kuro for short). After Guilty Crown has given the spotlight to two of Funeral Parlor's heroines ( Ayase and Tsugumi), Shu and Hare have a special episode this week that takes the series back to its roots, war with tears and rage.


Ep. 15: Confession: Sacrifice - "Kokuhaku: Sacrifice" (告白:Sacrifice)

Shu is trying figure out which to choose, Yahiro's Void Ranking System or something else to avoid discrimination everyone. Yet, Hare comforts him and confesses that she loves him. When Souta goes out to prove he is not weak, he endangers Hare and the others.

Will Shu be able to save everyone's lives?


Beware of Spoilers!


Hare's death is Shu's crucial point of change
Hare's death is Shu's crucial point of change
  • This is one of the most saddest episodes because another major character dies in this story, Hare Menjou. After her love confession to Shu, she dies while trying to revive him.
  • Shu's change is very dramatic after Hare's death. He is no longer the kind king that Hare dreams of. Ironically, he becomes more like Gai. After he gives Souta a beating he deserves, he tells everyone with this quote:
  • "I was wrong. Kindness is pointless."

  • Hare's origin story is revealed.

Who to Blame?: Shu is very indecisive which causes Souta to go over there and endanger students. Shu's character have so many flaws. He's weak, shy, and indecisive. Now, he has seen a loved one died in his arms. He has truly lost his innocence.

It's up to you to decide. Souta is a dumb friend, but Shu takes all responsibility since he is going to be "king."


Rape of Inori
Rape of Inori
  • No tribute to Hare Menjou. Some animes like Sket Dance do a compilation of the character. I think both Hare and Gai deserve a tribute. The Euterpe song would definitely fit Hare's death. "Silent night" brings the chilling atmosphere of war.
  • Comparing to Gai's episode where he dies, Hare's episode is not rushed. Everything goes along with the flow.
  • Shu's treatment of Inori is downright appalling. It looks like rape. In fact, Shu breaks his promise not to use his friends as tools. Poor Inori. I thought this series is heading towards a romance, but I was wrong. Looks like tragedy will fall upon this series.

Overall, this episode gets a five out five because it's not rushed and shows dramatic character changes in Shu. Plus, this episode is a stark contrast to the other two episodes due its mood. Guilty Crown is finally getting more darker and mature.

Tribute to Hare Menjou and Quotes

Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

I like Menjou because she doesn't have much flaws. She's always kind. Some people call her the Orihime of Guilty Crown because she has big breasts and heal. Yet, I find that ludicrous and that statement a bit condescending to Hare. Hare truly sacrificed herself to save Shu, she fights to save everyone, and she confesses her feelings to Shu. It takes a lot of courage to do that.

Memorable Quotes

  • Hare's Confession:
    "And I love that you don't go around declaring things."
  • Hare's Origin Story: "Hey, Shu... Have you ever read a picture book called The Kind King? The king was really kind...He gave everyone money... and land...until finally... the country was gone.
  • Hare's Origin Story cont.: "You're like that king, Shu...the way you lose out because of your kindness...You know what? I think you're going to be a great king. So...
  • Hare's Last Words: "Shu...I'll give you... my..."
  • Shu: "I was wrong. Kindness is pointless."

I see the bitter irony behind Hare's words. Shu is not the kind king anymore. The way he treats Inori and Souta like tools is evident of his change.

Shu has lost his innocence. (Check out the Loss of Innocence page)


I thank you guys for reading this, and I thank my teammate, Kuro, for doing an awesome job on the weekly reports and wiki pages. Also, I like to give a shoutout to LordBane666 who done so many reviews of obscure animes and mangas. He always comments and reviews Guilty Crown. Please check out his review on Guilty Crown ep. 15.

Wiki Work Progress: Kuro and I are busy working on a list of Voids for King's Powers and Void Genome. Also, we have finished ep. 13, 14, and 15's wiki pages. Please check out Kuro's Wiki Vitae List for the summary of our works.

Hare Menjou's WIKI page is finished!

Congratulations to Kuro, LordBane666, ScarletKittie, and AnimeBookWorm7
Congratulations to Kuro, LordBane666, ScarletKittie, and AnimeBookWorm7

If you loved an anime or manga, talk about it, do some wiki, or make a review. The more we get active, the better the community becomes. This week, ScarletKittie, AnimeBookWorm7, and I added lots of Shojo manga series for a weekly shojo project.

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