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Welcome to the third Weekly Gintama's article! I'm Takashichea, a member of Team W.I.K.I. Nation who does work on Sket Dance. My partner on Gintama is MohsinMan99. For this episode: When You Go To a Funeral for the First Time, You're be Surprise by How Happy the People Are, Anna was kind and added the images. Thank her for the images.

In this week's episode, we learn about the Japanese culture's customs at the funeral with a comedic twist.


After the death of a restaurant owner who is famous for his customized meals (based on customer's preferences), Gintoki with his Odd Jobs gang and Hijikata with the Shinsengumi pay their respects. During the funeral, Gintoki and Hijikata see the owner's ghost and suspects he is making sure everyone properly respects him and sends him off to the afterlife in an honorable way. Will Gintoki and his gang send the owner happy into the afterlife or will their idiocies get them dishonor and cursed?

Tune in and watch Gintama episode 231!


Beware of Spoilers!

Warning: This episode is not for children or younger. Contains pix-elated male genitalia.


Owner's Wife fixes the problem!
Owner's Wife fixes the problem!
  • Despite the vulgar content in this episode, the latter half of the episode is hysterical. It'll keep you laughing.
  • Gintoki and Hijikata's group members, Kagura, Sogo, and Kondo, have spectacular moments where they mess up the funeral.
  • The ending is a great surprise.
  • The excuse that Gintoki and Hijisaki give is pretty damn funny.


Gintoki tells her to choose the right penis
Gintoki tells her to choose the right penis
  • When Gintoki tells the owner's wife to pick the right dick among the penises on the wagon, that was little too much.
  • If you are a person who does not like to see the male genitalia and barf at the sight, don't watch this episode. You'll see a ton of them; there are suggested scenes at the end.


How is that come off?
How is that come off?
  • Gintoki: "You've seen the owner's dick hundreds, thousands of times. ... Believe in the dick of the owner you believe." What does that even mean. Is that a reference to Star Wars? Believe in the force.
  • What's with the owner and penises? Plus, the broken penises or penisclam remind me of dildos. No comment there.
  • From MohsinMan99, the monk's bizarre acting is never explained or how he got into the coffin is not explained.

Anime References and Trivia Questions

  • DBZ parody: The owner's ghost becomes a Super Saiyan.
  • Trivia Question: Gintoki Sakata - See link to answer his question if you have watched the episode.

Overall, the episode gets really hysterical at the end. If you can tolerate penises, you are good with the episode. Otherwise, this episode is vulgar, crude, and hard to bear.


I thank you guys for reading this report; I thank my team and MohsinMan99 for all the support. Please get involved in the community. You'll see the dominoes just falling in place when you take the initiative.

Go forth and do some wiki editing, reviews, or weekly reports!
Go forth and do some wiki editing, reviews, or weekly reports!

For this episode, Anna did the short plot, added the characters, and the images. I did the big plot, seiyuu, and credits.

  • Check out FoxxFireArt's Community Spotlight page for yesterday and comment. We need to support each other in this community.

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