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Welcome to the first weekly Gintama article! (The Sket Dance X Gintama episode did not count). Why I'm doing this? I got the Gintama fever after watching both crossover episodes. Though I won't able to work on Gintama because my wiki love belongs to Sket Dance and Beelzebub right now. These weekly reports will try to convince people out there to work on the Gintama pages. I have a partner, MohsinMan99, who's going to work on episode 230's report. Give him some recognitions.

I would love to work on it, but it's suicidal to work on a long shonen series at the same time that I'm working on these two projects. We need a team on this franchise.

This report covers episode 228: Love is Neither Plus or Minus and episode 229: Making It Through.

*I'm new to this series, so please bear with me as I butcher the names of characters who are not Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi.


An Otaku and his Virtual Girlfriend
An Otaku and his Virtual Girlfriend

Shinpachi has a new girlfriend and his sister, Tae, thinks he finally has one. When Shinpachi pulls his girlfriend, he pulls out a portable handheld game that has a girl saying hello. As Tae calls Gintoki and Kagura to help her obsessed brother, Gorilla has Gintoki enter the SIM world, Love Choris, in order to save Shinpachi. However, Gintoki gets himself involved in the My Life World Tournament against his will.

Will Gintoki survive in the tournament or will Gintoki and Shinpachi become total addicts to SIM games?

Rules of Love Choris

  • The main character has to love his heroine.
  • They cannot shut the game without saving, or their heroine will not love them.
  • Players can customize their heroines like barbie dolls.



We got a new opening theme! It has a nice serious tone and a city theme. Too bad, it was misleading.

As a new Gintama fan, Gintoki has a lot of girls, so I was wondering about the significance. I find out soon enough as I watch these episodes.

Speaking of characters, this story has three heroines in the SIM game.

Three Heroines
Momo Anigasaki
Momo Anigasaki
Momo is older than the main character in the game, and she is the older sister type of a woman.
Sayaka Otakai
Sayaka Otakai
Sayaka is the captain of the railroad club. She is Isao Kondo's girlfriend, and the main character is in the same club as her.
Pinko Shiramizuu
Pinko Shiramizuu
Pinko is the owner of a Chinese restaurant and the widow of Takuzo. The main character happens to be her frequent customer.

On with the good stuff for these two episodes.

  • I feel bad that Gintoki has to suffer cruel humiliation as he has to interact with Pinko. Because Gorilla forces Gintoki to pick the ugliest heroine, it reminds me of Beauty and the Beast concept and Beauty is only Skin Deep concepts.
A hybrid PSP and Nintendo DS
A hybrid PSP and Nintendo DS
  • For Gintama fan girls, Gintoki strips in this episode. I don't have the image yet.
  • The handheld game is similar to the Nintendo DS and a PSP.


A Joke/ Fetish gone wrong
A Joke/ Fetish gone wrong
  • Sometimes, jokes can go too far. For example, a character named Sogo has Sayaka become his obedient love slave. He does cruel things to her while Sayaka keeps saying that she loves him. In the end, Sogo gets bitch slap by karma.


  • According to Gintoki, Shinpachi likes women older than him.
  • There was a character who likes Pinko in Kyuubei's dress, and Sarutobi who bases her Pinko on Gintoki. That was hilarious.

Anime References

  • Gorilla's Quote: "A person who hasn't reached the Love Choris Hole is like a Soul Reaper in the Soul Society who can't do Bankai."

Overall, this story is bizarre and hilarious yet disturbing. I'm still looking forward to the action packed Gintama stuff.


I like thank Mohsinman99 and my team for sticking by me, and I thank you guys for reading this. Hopefully, we get some Gintama love.

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