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Welcome to the weekly Fairy Tail report. I'm proud to announced that the Starry Sky/ Filler arc is finished! Though, we get to see Byro and his gang for one more time in this episode.

After Makarov accepts Byro's apology, the Fairy Tail gang and Legion have a wild party. Then, Makarov has a word with Gildartz and the others reach some closure with each other. Meanwhile, two mysterious strangers appear. It's Sting and Rogue, the newest Dragon Slayers in the anime.


Beware of spoilers!


  • Juvia: Gray, who is this guy?
    Juvia: Gray, who is this guy?
    Finally this filler arc ends. We get a bit of Sting and Rogue and news that Gildartz is the new guild master. Wonder how Gildartz will handle leadership.
  • While Lucy and Mary's scene is touching, Juvia and Dan's scenes are funny. I love how Dan is frighten by Juvia or the fact that Juvia ignores that Gray's beauty attracts men such as Sugarboy. The part where Natsu tries to make Byro smile is awkward yet humorous.
  • Theme songs are great. The ending is mellow and shows Mavis who we haven't seen much. The opening is also mellow, and I like how it shows all of the guilds fighting in the tournament.


  • For those who want to get into the main storyline, the first half is just filler part where they party. It was a slow episode.


  • The cats are in strange color. When I first saw Frosh in the manga, I thought he is in a green or blue frog suit, and his fur is red. Instead, we get a pink frog. For me, I thougt Lector was suppose to be orange or yellow. I don't mind the colors.
  • In the opening, team Fairy Tail had purple outfits. It's a unique color to say the least.

Overall, the episode is average but good. It's just slow when you looking at the Fairy Tail characters catching up with Legion and there is some exposition on Zeref and Sabertooth's part.


Thank you guys for reading this report.

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