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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail manga edition! I'm Taka, an Anime Vice wiki editor. You can also check out Katmic's review of the same chapter. My reviews are more neutral and wiki oriented since I promote the wiki pages. All comments are welcome here or the Fairy Tail Discussion (Manga) thread.


When Millianna stumbles upon Erza and Jellal, Ultear comes out and explains that Simon's death was on her own hands. Meanwhile, Sting joins present Rogue in the battle. Elsewhere, Gray and Lyon meet up with Juvia and Meredy. When Gray is about to tell Juvia something, he gets shot multiple times by the dragons.

Will Gray survive?



  • Kagura's scene
    Kagura's scene
    Present Rogue regains his focus when Sting joined him. I would love to see these guys fighting together.
  • While Ultear gets a huge burden off her shoulders, she still holds regrets. How does this tie with Gray's scene in this chapter? I'm guessing she might make a sacrifice to save Gray maybe to atone for her sins. It's a wild guess after all chapter is named Sin and Sacrifice.
  • Kagura's scene demonstrates that she has come to terms. It was more convincing than Millianna's scene.


  • The scene where Ultear explains to Millianna didn't feel finished. Those conflicts and hatred for Jellal cannot be forgiven that easily. I don't expect Millianna to forgive Jellal or put all her hatred on Ultear. She doesn't know Ultear well.
  • Juvia's distraction breaks the tension a bit before Gray gets shot. It didn't match up the flow of the chapter.

Overall, it's a great chapter with a surprise. Gray fans are left with a giant cliffhanger. I'm sure that Hiro Mashima won't be killing off Gray because it's not his style to kill off supporting characters. I'm familiar with his earlier works, Rave Master. I'm guessing Ultear and Meredy will have a big role with Gray in the near future. I'm hoping Gray and Ultear will have interaction.

Thank you for reading. Please support Fairy Tail legally when the manga or the anime comes out in your home country.

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