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Howdy everyone and welcome to the Fairy Tail report! Damn, we're almost done with the filler arc. Just hoping they don't stall with the final battles.


As Natsu and the gang are fighting Imitatia and Erza is fighting Cobra, Gray are in an intense battle with Angel who has a twisted view of the world.

Gray, stop cheating with Angel! You got Juvia
Gray, stop cheating with Angel! You got Juvia

Can Gray beat Angel?


Beware of spoilers!


Gray&squot;s fight is "cool"
Gray's fight is "cool"
  • Dan makes Gray's battle more fun. The action is good, but you always have the good Fairy Tail guy giving out reasons to debate with the bad guys. It's good to add these bad ass speeches, but talking about friendship can be so cliche.
  • Imitatia's fight with Natsu and Elfman may be short and not finished, but we get to see her fight more.
  • Angel's powers are interesting in how her life is represented by gold coins. She shortens her lifespan to summon angels.


Too much talk not enough action
Too much talk not enough action
  • Multiple battles vs focusing on one battle: This is tough for me to decide, but what do you guys and gals like? If there's too much battles going on, the episode would be messed up and be confusing.
  • Friendship and Too Much Talking: Besides Gray's little pep speech, Erza and Cobra talk way too much during their short time in the episode. I feel that they should just cover their whole fight in one episode instead of dividing it.
  • Unneeded scenes: What was the point of showing all the Fairy Tail guild since they are just receiving messages from Warren's group at the ship? Nothing important happened.

Overall, this episode is good but not fantastic. Gray's fight is the highlight while Erza and Fairy Tail's scenes leave a lot to be desired. Next episode preview shows more of Erza's fight, so I'm guessing it'll be the episode where Erza and Cobra's fight will be finished.


Thank you for reading this report and please support the franchise by watching the anime legally, reading the volumes by library or purchasing them legally, or do some wiki pages.

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