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Welcome everyone to the Weekly Fairy Tail report! The Fairy Tail gang is taking the fight on Zentopia's turf to defeat the Oracion Seis and stop the nightmare.

Fairy Tail's Race Against Time
Fairy Tail's Race Against Time

Cardinal Rapowant's devious plans begin coming to fruition as time itself warps, affecting even the Fairy Tail members aboard Ichiya's Christina. En route to rescue Natsu and Lucy, they become children, elderly, and even different species!

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Beware of spoilers!


Wendy and Tanooki Carla
Wendy and Tanooki Carla
  • Mirajane's fight with Racer is good but not better than her fight with Mary Hughes.
  • Ichiya has become a cool and serious person in this filler arc. He give Lucy advice about relying on friendship. Plus, he hasn't done his parfum sniffing thing with Erza.
  • The Fairy Tail gang has some time mishaps. Wendy and the Exceeds' alternate forms are awesome.


Are we almost done with arc?
Are we almost done with arc?
  • We all know the animation in this filler arc is not that great when you compared to Tenrou Island arc. It's tough to enjoy some of the cool action scenes.
  • Perception of Time: I remembered that the nightmare should alter one's sense of time, yet in this episode, it transform folks, objects, and their environments.
  • It might be slow for you guys and gals since the whole episode is about Fairy Tail getting to Oracion Seis and it sets up more battles for next episode.

Overall, the episode is good but not great. With the mystery almost solved, the episode didn't have much interesting things. I hope the fight in the next episode will be better.

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