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Howdy everyone and welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail report. I'm Taka, a proud Fairy Tail fan and wiki editor here to invite some discussion on this franchise. Last week, the Fairy Tail gang splits into teams to fight the Oracion Seis, and this week, we are seeing some action.


The Fairy Tail gang set out to confront the Oracion Seis, but they are not having much luck. Natsu's team is suffering from the lack of teamwork while the other teams are getting overpowered by the Oracion Seis.

Can the Fairy Tail folks beat their opponents?

Note: I stitched this scene, and I found it was blurry if you zoom in. I just wished it was sharp and crisp.


Beware of Spoilers!


What happened to friendship and teamwork, Natsu?
What happened to friendship and teamwork, Natsu?
  • If you prefer humor, the battles have silly mishaps especially in Natsu's battle. Bixlow and Wendy's battle is awesome, but the cow thing is so random.
  • Gildartz gets some spotlight as the old pervert who is harassing poor Laki. He is just like Makarov.
  • Juvia and Gajeel's scene is pretty cute with Gray who is only wearing boxers and a bow tie.
  • Manga Differences: They gave Mest another role, a drunkard who blames himself for letting Wendy and her friends down. I like him that way than his manga counterpart. What do you guys and gals feel?


It's hard to take this guy seriously
It's hard to take this guy seriously
  • If you are looking for a serious fight, this episode will disappoint you.
  • It's hard to take Gattman seriously like last time, but magic is interesting because the damage depends on how much magic one has. If Gattman looked more sinister, he would be an awesome bad, mage. Some of the Oracion Seis's post time-skip looks are awful.

Overall, this episode is good but not awesome. It still leaves fans unsatisfied, but the episode preview looks promising.


Thanks everyone for reading this report and please support the Fairy Tail franchise and the wiki editors who are working hard on this project and others in Anime Vice.

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This week, Daniel and I finished Ep. 142, and I thank Daniel for sprucing up the plot summary. Yeah, my grammar and writing skills aren't on par with his. I'm grateful for his and my other teammates' help.

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