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Hey everyone, welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail report. We are on the 17th episode of this massive filler arc. Last week, we saw the Fairy Tail guild get their butts kicked the Oracion Seis again. This week's episode is a bit mellow and dark.


Oracion Seis has made off with the Infinity Clock and seems intent on counting down to doomsday. Meanwhile, Fairy Tail regroups, using Cana's divination skills to locate Oracion Seis's targets and choose the best teams to go after them.

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Beware of spoilers!


Wendy and Bixlow - a loli and a mage who screams babies
Wendy and Bixlow - a loli and a mage who screams babies
  • Despite the lack of action, this episode did a good job of setting up for the next episode's fights.
  • There are still questions left unanswered such as who is the mysterious girl with the green Plue, how did Lucy's father get involved with the clock, and who is the girl that Cobra is referring to (It's Kinana, but I have a feeling Kinana is something else).
  • Fairy Tail New Teams: Since Fairy Tail has an enormous roster of characters, it's excellent to see different people pairing up. I loved how Gray & Freed and Bixlow & Wendy are paired up. Wendy and Bixlow are an unusual pair.

Fairy Tail Teams

Mysterious girl - A disciple of Will Neville?
Mysterious girl - A disciple of Will Neville?
  1. Freed and Gray
  2. Erza, Evergreen, and Max
  3. Gajeel and Juvia
  4. Bickslow and Wendy
  5. Happy, Carla, and Pantherlily
  6. Natsu, Lucy, Elfman, and Michelle

What is your favorite match up in this episode?


  • Fairy Tail is a light anime, and violence is not graphic or bloody. When the Cardinal punishes the priest, you can hear him scream in agony. It's up to fans who want the anime uncensored or not.
  • The arc is long, but Hiro Mashima is trying to create a gap between manga's plotline and the anime. It's going to be tough to keep watching. I hope this arc ends well.
  • The new character Guttman or Gatman is like Jackpot. You can't take them seriously.

Overall, this episode is good but not great as well. It's light on the humor and action.


Thank you guys for reading this weekly report. Please support the wiki editors and the anime.

New Wiki Pages: Cardinal Lapointe and Guttman Kubrick

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This Week's Ongoing Anime and Manga Coverage

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