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Welcome to this week's Fairy Tail coverage! I'm Taka who is here to give you update on the latest Fairy Tail episode and wiki progress. We are deep in this filler arc as we uncover the mysteries behind the Infinity Clock. Last week, we had a stellar battle between Mirajane and Mary Hughes, and the episode keeps making Erza's gang wear those tight black spandex that the Big Butt Bandits wear.


Natsu is taking on Byro one one one, and he has difficulty since Byro nullifies all magic. It's a physical contest with plenty of arguments between Fairy Tail and Byro over what is right and wrong. Meanwhile, Kinana is remembering her dark past when she was a snake with Cobra, and the Archbishop is going insane.

The Oracion Seis Returns
The Oracion Seis Returns

Will Natsu defeat Byro before chaos ensues?!



You tell them, Happy!
You tell them, Happy!
  • Since the time that Happy has backed up Charle in Edolas, Happy makes another great comeback when he calls Byro's cause, Fake Righteousness.
  • Unlike the manga, Kinana finally gets some coverage. Though, I hope she is not a total filler character. I love her scene especially when she laughs hysterically.
  • The Oracion Seis makes a return. What I like about the filler arc is that they show characters with time skip changes (who didn't appear in the manga) such as the Mercenary Brothers. I can't believe JackPot is one of the six since he replaces HotEye or Zero/Brain. Erigor is a nice addition to the team. I wonder what keys Angel has now since Lucy jack all her Celestial Spirits.


Our guild is about friendship! Hell Yeah!
Our guild is about friendship! Hell Yeah!
  • Random Crap that Ruins the Serious Moments: During Happy's time in the spotlight when he talks back to Byro, Dan, Natsu, and Lucy ruins the scene in the background. Random dialogues from Happy and Dan are not needed. For example, Dan comments that Natsu had a hideous face. Of course he does since Natsu was beaten to bloodyless pulp by Byro.
  • Action over Dialogue: This is a hit or miss with fans who want more action. This episode had a lot of dialogue. I didn't mind it.
  • Shonen Cliches: Natsu's gang talk about friendship. For those who hate that stuff, this episode can kill your mood.

Overall, this episode is good but not excellent since it can be slow with so much dialogue going between Natsu's gang and Byro. Coco is just like her Edolas counterpart when she betrays her side to not sacrifice anyone, Pantherlily.


Thank you everyone for reading my team's report. Please support the anime and the wiki editors who are working hard on the project and multiple wiki projects in the community.

Wiki Progress: I can't remember what happened this week due to wiki projects and Sket Dance Wikia. Plus, I had Quick Picks stuff with BigHeart711.

Daniel and I finished Ep. 139's page, and we just need to add images. I don't know we worked on the character pages this week. Oh, I added Blu-Ray and DVD merchandise to the Fairy Tail anime page.

For more info, please check out the Wiki Project -- Fairy Tail.

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