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Welcome to another Fairy Tail weekly report! It looks like this filler arc would take longer than expected because of the new opening and ending theme songs have the Oracion Seis members making another debut.


Mary Hughes breaks a taboo by unleashing her ultimate power! Can Mirajane out-ultimate her? Plus, Natsu takes on a giant octopus! And... the debut of the Jiggle Jugs Gang?! (Warning: It's not as appealing as it sounds...)

By Crunchyroll



Mirajane's awesome new Satan Soul
Mirajane's awesome new Satan Soul
  • We finally got some action with Mirajane. Though, it's a bit short. I thought we're going to relive the same moment between Freed and Mirajane, but Mirajane cracks me up with "bad girl."
  • Natsu's group is making progress. Next episode, we might get a fight between Byro and Natsu to make for the lame fight between Gildartz and Byro.
  • Little Asuka makes another appearance. I find her adorable. Romeo is getting some attention which is excellent.
  • Theme Songs: I liked the ending's song more than the opening, but the opening had better sequence. What do you guys and gals feel about the new theme songs?

Please enjoy the images that my partner, Daniel Newton, uploaded.

I liked her new Satan Soul, but I'm at a loss with her wings. It looks strange.


Be careful what you wished for
Be careful what you wished for
  • Too many interruptions with other scenes especially for Mirajane's battle. I think they should just focus on two stories.
  • Jiggle Jugs Gang is a little weird. Fans might riot and demand fan service not disservice.


Erza loves that suit
Erza loves that suit
  • I remember people wanting to see a female bandit group with big boobs. Well, your wish came sort of true. Instead, we got fat guys with moobs, the Jiggle Jugs Gang. Hiro Mashima is just too cruel.
  • Erza has her gang wear the Big Butt Bandits spandex in order to get Charle to overcome her fear.

Overall, this episode is much better than the last one. It has some action and some spotlight on the minor characters. I have nothing against Natsu, but I feel his battles are usually stale with the exception of his battle with Laxus and Jellal.


Thank you guys and gals for reading this report. Please support the anime series and the wiki editors who are working hard on Fairy Tail and other series in Anime Vice.

Wiki Progress:

  • Daniel uploaded images and did a fine job formatting the episodes and captioning the images. I think he changed some names such as adding Straus to Elfman's family and changed Charle to Carla. I don't mind. The Japanese translation is tough.
  • Obsidian609 updated Mirajane's Satan Soul section.
  • I did the plot summary for this week's episode, but I didn't do much since I had to take care of Campione!, Arcana Famiglia, and other wiki projects (Please see my July's new wiki projects).

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