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Welcome to another weekly Fairy Tail report! I'm Taka, wiki editor who is working on the Fairy Tail project with Daniel and Annabanana. Last week, the episode is a bit of hit or miss with the fans. However, this episode brings back some action and hilarious scenes for this week. Also, I update you guys and gals with a progress report on the wiki projects.

Plot Summary

While Gildartz goes off for a solo mission to investigate the Legion, Lucy and her gang stop by the Heartfilia mansion to look up clues about Jude's Memento. They find a book called Key of the Starry Heavens. Suddenly, they get attacked by Legion Corp's mages: Samuel and Dan Straight.

Can Lucy and her gang fend off Legion Corp's attacks and keep the book away from them?



Happy holds lil Natsu
Happy holds lil Natsu
  • There are some memorable and hilarious scenes especially when Dan fall heads over heels for Lucy. He is more bold than Hibiki, Juvia, and the other lovestruck characters.
  • Cute Noises Make Another Comeback: I call them noises or sound effects. Erza makes that cute "Kya" a second time since her funny scene of falling into Lucy's pitfall. That "Whoa" sound appears when Samuel flips Michelle's skirt.
  • Last but the funniest scene, Happy stepping over Natsu who was shrunk by Dan's lance. The way he holds him reminds me of a little boy playing with his action figures.


  • Jackpot is a stupid name for a villain, but I didn't find it funny where his powers relies on a slot machine.

Overall, the episode is great with the second half having the best scenes. Though, the defeat of Fairy Tail can sour some fans due to the past episodes. I'm sure the comedy will cheer them up. The good section is my bizarre section since everything's a bit bizarre.


Please enjoy the images that uploaded by the Fairy Tail team.

Dan Straight's Confession for Lucy

New Characters


Samuel is the new Exceed in the Fairy Tail anime. He acts like a know-it-all person which infuriates Natsu and his teammates. He has this strange ability to predict what Natsu's team does and orders Dan to obey his commands except when Dan falls in love with Lucy.

Dan Straight
Dan Straight

Dan Straight is quite the energetic person with a strange name. He hits on Lucy and remarks to Erza that Lucy is way cuter than her. Plus, he is a tough opponent with a shield that reflects both physical and magical attacks and a lance that shrinks things.

All of the snapshots are in the episode 132's gallery. Have fun!


Thank you everyone for reading my team's weekly report and please give them some recognition.

Wiki Progress: Daniel Newton is adding DVD Release and Blu-ray Release to the Fairy Tail episodes. I finished ep. 132's page and added new pages: Dan Straight, Samuel, Archbishop of Zentopia, Legion, and Jackpot.

If you guys and gals love an anime or manga, please feel free to drop a comment, review, blog, or do some wiki edits. The more people getting involved, the better Anime Vice gets.

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