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Finished the last Caption Contest article for this year. Thank you everyone for your awesome captions. All right, time for me to get to back to work on the Dec manga 2014 manga releases.
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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail report! I'm doing two reports in one day just to catch up. My partner Sreenivas helped me with the Beelzebub episodes.

Continuing from the last episode, Natsu and the gang muster up all the courage and strength to defeat Hades. This episode has less action than the last one, but it has some of its strength.


The battle against Hades is finally finished as Natsu and the gang reign victorious. The Fairy Tail guild recuperate and relax while Zeref pays Hades and his cronies a visit.

What does Zeref have in store for Hades?



With the action winding down, this episode has some hilarious scenes. I'll list the top three funniest moments.

Jealous blue haired girls
Jealous blue haired girls
  1. Juvia begging Gray for punishment while she sticks her butt at poor Gray.
  2. Levy and Juvia's jealously over nurse Erza's seductive charms over the men. Look at poor Wendy's breast envy. By the way, Levy's crush on Gajeel is confirmed.
  3. Evergreen telling Laxus that Elfman did something naughty to her. Laxus gives Elfman the nod.


I didn't have much to discuss. If you guys have something in this episode that ticks you off, please drop a comment.

Overall, this episode gets a four stars out of a five. It's hilarious with some serious Zeref scenes.

Stitched Cap of the Week

This is from Fairy Tail Wikia. Rejoice Erza fans!

Nurse Erza stitched caps
Nurse Erza stitched caps

Source: http://fairytail.wikia.com/wiki/File:Episode_120_-_Erza_as_a_nurse.png


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  • Fairy Tail 119 by Taka
  • Sket Dance 47 by Geo

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