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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail report! I'm Taka, and it has been while since I did the Fairy Tail reports. Unfortunately, I don't have much images for today's report. (I'll add more tomorrow. Sorry about that). Recently, Crunchyroll has a news article about an upcoming Fairy Tail's 3rd OVA, Memory Days. Check out Anime Vice's blog for the video trailer.


Ep. 117: Thunder Roars - "Raimei Hibiku" (雷鳴響く)

Picking up from episode 116, Gray has finished his fight with Ultear. The only bad guy left is Hades. The Fairy Tail gang split into two teams, an offense and a defense. While Freed and company defends the injured at camp, Natsu and his group head out to find Hades at his warship. As Natsu and the others fight against Hades, Happy and his Exceed gang seek out the core to destroy it. When things get difficult for Natsu, an old ally appear to their rescue. Will Natsu and his group be able to defeat Hades?

Ep. 118: The Man Without the Mark - "Monshō o Kizamanu Otoko" (紋章を刻まぬ男)

As Laxus battles Hades, Lisanna's group gets attacked at camp. When Laxus gets injured, he tells Natsu, a mage with the mark of Fairy Tail should defeat Hades. He gives Natsu, his strength.

Will Fairy Tail hold up against Hades and Grimoire Heart?


Beware of Spoilers!


Kain's fantasy
Kain's fantasy
  • There's ton of actions in both episodes. In 117, Natsu and the gang unleash a combo with a Unison Raid/Natsu finisher.
  • 118 is funny just like the Lucy Fire episode because Kain tries to get the women to love him. In the end, Lisanna, Levy, and Cana finish him off with a triple Unison Explosion.
  • For Laxus fans, his character shines in 118. His strength has Natsu's team in awe. His fight scenes are excellent. It's too bad that he couldn't defeat Hades since he tells Natsu that a mage with the mark of the Fairy Tail should defeat him.

Points of Interest

Lily hates lightning
Lily hates lightning
  • Lisanna tells Lucy to watch Natsu. It's interesting to see two girls who are Natsu's potential love interests.
  • Horologium saves Wendy, but she has a cute scene where she discovers she's nude.
  • Elfman seems surprised when Lisanna teases him about saying Evergreen in his dream.
  • For the first time, Pantherlily shows his fear of lightning. This could be a reference to Elie in Rave Master who is also scared of lightning. (Rave Master is Hiro Mashima's earlier works)

Overall, these two episodes are great with bit of comedy and action in a balanced mix. With the action, we get two new Unison Raid attacks revealed, and Laxus's fight scene. It has a been while since fans see Laxus fight. For comedy, we get Kain, Lisanna, and Happy leading the jokes and gags.


Thank you for reading my team's report; I thank my teammates for working hard while juggling school and work.

Wiki Work: I finished Ep. 117 and 118. Daniel Newton worked on the formatting of the early Fairy Tail episodes and adding concepts and such.

For those who do not know my teammates, they are Annabanana, Wales, Daniel_Newton, Obscurefan, Buhssuht, and Obsidian609.

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