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Welcome to this belated weekly review of Fairy Tail and Beelzebub. I chose to cover Beelzebub since I was a part of a Beelzebub wiki team. Arrussel used to cover the manga. I have to do a major review to fill the gaps. Right now, I'm skipping ahead to the recent Beelzebub chapter.

Sorry, I'm going to rush and keep this blog short since I have to prepare a July 4th Quick Picks, do some wiki, and prepare for Anime Expo.

Remember, please support Fairy Tail and Beelzebub legally by buying the manga or the anime when it comes to your home country.

Fairy Tail

With the dragons gone, Fairy Tail and the rest of the guilds can relax. Our deceased Future Lucy comes back to life to reunite with her friends in the afterlife while Future Rogue warns Natsu that Frosh will die.


  • It was a touching scene for Future Lucy. Natsu and Lucy fans will riot in the streets over this.
  • Not everything is warm and fuzzy. Dragon Slayers have their pride. It shows that these guys still have work to do, become stronger.


  • While Erza and Jellal & Juvia and Meredy are celebrating, none of them notice Ultear's death.

As you guys and gals have heard, Hiro Mashima will be doing three manga chapters for July 10th and July 17 for a total of six chapters. It's awesome.


While Toujou is searching for Furuichi's pieces of heart, Aoi and Kanzaki encounter new enemies: Suzune and Harumi.


  • Aoi and Kanzaki getting new opponents adds more content since Oga and Takamiya's fight is getting a bit stale.
  • Toujou will be getting some action, too.


  • Chapter is a bit slow for fans who want some action.

Despite being a set up, the next chapter will be better. I'm stoked to see Aoi and Kanzaki's fight.

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