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Welcome to the Campione! weekly report! I find it interesting that the episodes are in little arcs that cover a certain girl and her relationship with Godou. The first two was about Erica, episodes 5-7 was about Yuri, and episodes 8-9 cover Liliana.


Liliana and Godou work together to uncover information about Perseus, and Athena proposes to Godou that she will give the information if Godou do something special for her. Meanwhile, Erica and the gang are stuck without communication or electricity for the appliances on the island.

Can Liliana and Godou get along? Find out by watching this episode on Crunchyroll!


Beware of spoilers!


Karen: Work that body, baby!
Karen: Work that body, baby!
  • It's always the maids who are interesting and devilishly naughty. Arianna cannot be compared to Karen who is quite twisted. I just love her.
  • For Liliana, I'm amazed at her quirky side. I seen her tsundere side, but her wild imaginations are hilarious.
  • Fan Service: If you guys love it, I find Liliana's scene a refreshing change. I don't mind Erica, but she is boring now. Liliana does fan service in a funnier fashion.


Do you hate tsunderes?
Do you hate tsunderes?
  • Harem Cliches: You might hate it when the guy is not accepting the girl who is offering herself. Hell, Godou is just a goody two shoes, but I see his perverted side slowly waking up with all the kissing stuff.
  • I can't state this exactly, but I find the flow of this episode strange. Perseus just retreats because Athena told him Godou will provide a better challenge, and Godou uses this time to research his opponents. The story of this episode is not clicking with me.
  • I just found out some folks absolutely hate tsunderes and their cliches. I don't mind them.

Overall, this episode is good but not perfect. It's excellent that Liliana and her maid Karen making lots of humorous moments.

Please enjoy the snapshots. I'll try to upload more.

Oh, I forgot about Salvatore's bondage fetish
Oh, I forgot about Salvatore's bondage fetish


Thank you guys and gals for reading this report. Please support the franchise and the wiki pages. Any contributions is welcomed. AnimeReviewDaily helped out on Kirito's page for Sword Art Online, and he is working on Campione! and a guide. Sonata is doing his thing while Daniel is busy with other wiki projects. I managed to finish Ep. 9, and I'll update the characters because I haven't give them enough love and attention.

For more information on the Campione! wiki project, check out the project blog and wiki list.

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