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Hey everyone, welcome to the weekly Campione! anime report! This week goes by fast. Last week, we had a cool battle between Athena and Godou, and the episode was excellent. This week seems to be all about Yuri Mariya, a shrine maiden who is smitten by Godou.

Plot Summary

Yuri has been having nightmares about Duke Vobon and questionable feelings for Godou after being teased by Hikari and Erica. She begins to bond with Godou who helps Yuri buy a cellphone while Liliana spies on her.

What does the Duke have in plan?


Beware of spoilers!


Hikari tells Yuri her strategy
Hikari tells Yuri her strategy
  • Yuri had a lot of attention in this episode, and she can get quite bashful. I love this quote of hers, It almost feels like I've given you a lot of my "first times" today. I couldn't get a good shot when she said this quote. It can give you the wrong impression like with Godou.
  • Despite that Yuri has fallen for Godou, Erica gets a bit jealous and tells Godou that she will only allow Yuri and no one else. We get a love triangle element in this series.
  • It's an unpleasant day when Godou gets hit in the crotch and Yuri gets kidnapped. That is what I think of this episode's title.


Same old scene
Same old scene
  • Harem cliches: If you are not good with cliches, you might not like the beginning with Godou and Erica's scene. Plus, Erica did this fan service twice, so it gets repetitive.
  • Missing Info: When did they meet Salvatore Doni? I don't know if the manga or Light Novel does it too. It wouldn't hurt to see a flashback of Godou meeting Salvatore.

All in all, this episode is great since it gives some spotlight on Yuri and relationships between Godou and the two ladies. I'm not sure how Godou can handle this problem which is quite frequent in harem genre.


Thank you guys and gals for reading this report. Please support the anime and wiki editors who are working hard.

Wiki Progress: I created three new pages, Campione, Salvatore Doni, and Hikari Mariya; Ep. 5 is done.

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