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Hey everyone, welcome to the Weekly Campione! report. I'm Taka, a wiki editor, for those who are new to the community. Last week's episode had a lot of lip service between Godou and two lovely ladies: Athena and Erica. This week, Athena's battle with Godou comes to an end. Let's go over the highlights.


As the battle wages between Godou, Erica, and Athena, Athena claims the Gorgoneion and ancient trinity which allows Athena to become an adult.

Can Godou stop Athena in her true form?


Beware of spoilers!


Arianna: "stares"
Arianna: "stares"
  • The action is good. It's quite balanced between the talking and fighting in Godou's battle with Athena.
  • More French kissing: I think this would be a big theme in Campione! because kissing in their world is the transfer of knowledge. I keep thinking about Teen Titans where Starfire kisses Robin to learn human language. I might make it a concept page, but I have to talk to my fellow wiki editors.
  • Sorry for being off tangent. Erica's relationship with Godou is very amusing. I like how she's so flirty and proactive while Godou tries to restrain her. The scene where she says she is his number one makes me laugh. Unlike weak male leads who are afraid of girls, Godou's character is much better than those guys.


  • For those who prefer their fights without talking, Godou explains a lot about Athena's origin. I didn't mind it. It was a challenge to type the overall message about Athena in the episode wiki page.

This episode is great with action, lip service, flirty women, and some humorous moments. I hope to see more of Athena. I have a feeling that she could be Godou's ally.


Please check out the gallery. For more images, check out Campione!'s anime series' gallery.

I like how Yuri is shocked when she sees Erica and Godou are kissing.


Thank you everyone for reading this report. Please support the franchise and the wiki editors who are working hard on this wiki project and other projects.

Wiki Progress: With school, family, and work, we could only manage to finished Ep. 4's wiki page. I'll update the Ten Avatars and Athena since we got more info on them.

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This Week's Ongoing Anime and Manga Coverage

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