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Howdy everyone, welcome to another weekly Campione! report! I'm Taka, and I'm here to discuss with you guys and gals on another cool episode of Campione! Last week, Godou sees Erica is serious about her love and devotion to him.


After Godou and Erica have come to Japan from a little practice, Mariya warns him about Athena who wants the Gorgoneion to awaken Medusa. Godou and Erica confront Athena.

Can they stop her from unleashing an unspeakable evil over the world?


Beware of spoilers!


  • French Kissing: Instead of the usual fan service, we get two French Kiss scenes. Though, some of you may not like the drooling and tongue action. I'll showcase images below. Be sure to check them out if you love those scenes.
  • Athena vs Erica: I love their little fight scene. Too bad, Godou can't fight because of his Ten Avatars' conditions.
  • Godou and Erica: Their relationship has improved because Godou is not backing off from Erica's advancements, and Erica's love for him is true as gold.


  • There's not much bad since this episode didn't have cliches from the 1st and 2nd episode. Plus, they remained in Japan the whole time. Though, I wished they duke it out more in Italy to keep the Italian theme.

Overall, this episode is awesome, and it makes the fans want more. I think it was light on humor for this episode, but it had more action. Next episode, I'm excited to see Godou and Erica fight Athena.


French Kiss

Athena uses it steal information and paralyzes her foes while Erica gives information. It's not that strange given the anime logic.

So... do you guys and gals prefer Athena or Erica. I find Athena's scene funny since she's a loli who basically force herself on Godou.

Why does this remind me of Mysterious Girlfriend X?


Thanks everyone for reading my teammates' weekly report. Please support the franchise and the wiki editors who are working hard. If you want to help out, please feel free. The more you contribute, the better this place gets.

Wiki Progress: I didn't get to upload a lot of images. I was tired from working on Tari Tari and Sket Dance. New wiki page is Gorgoneion. I finished Ep. 3, but I need to proofread and decorate with images.

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