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Welcome to the first ever Campione! anime series report! I'm Taka, a wiki editor here in the Anime Vice community and an Admin at Sket Dance Wikia. Usually, I include a wiki progress at the end of these reports.


Kusanagi Godo arrives to Italy to deliver a Grimoire to Lucrezia Zora, a woman who was acquainted with Godou's grandfather. Along the way, he bumps into Erica Blandelli who is a knight that protects the peace between gods and humans. In a rogue god battle, Godou meets Verethragna, a god who is searching for the Ten Avatars.

Can Godou and Erica stop Verethragna?



Fan service is pretty tame
Fan service is pretty tame
  • If you love fan service, this episode had a lot of it.
  • Impressions of Characters: Godou is pretty innocent guy, and Erica is a crazy woman when she's drunk. Erica reminds me of Rukia Kuchiki for some odd reason. I love Arianna who is a minor character, but she's pretty funny. I love Lucrezia who is a naughty troublemaker when she has Godou stuck in Erica's bedroom.
  • I heard this series is a harem, and so far, I haven't seen any elements yet. Though, the poster for Campione! has many girls around it. It's no big deal. I think Rosario Vampire did the same thing where you see the first female lead in the first episode and no one else.
  • As for the action in the show, it is good. Erica did most of the action, and Godou finally man up. I find the Prometheus's Grimoire a cool object which allows one to steal a god's abilities. Though, the episode had a lot to cover as you can see there was no ending theme song.


  • The episode felt rushed a bit.
  • If you hate cliches, the scene with Erica slapping Godou for his indecency can be annoying.

I'm hooked on Campione! This series is good for people who love magic, fan service, action, and harem (for the future).


Thanks again for reading the report. Please support the series if you love the show.

If you're a wiki editor, feel free to help out. I didn't get much snapshots for this series. I'm busy with other wiki projects in Anime Vice, Giant Bomb, and Rave Master/Sket Dance Wikia. I appreciate any help.

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