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Finished clearing all Attack on Titan characters. Was really close to 5PM. I'll be back to save up the Attack on Titan episode summaries and finish Taichokage and rest of my teammates' wiki subs.
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Welcome to the fifth and final weekly article for Blue Exorcist! The anime has ended already, and I ask you guys, is it a good, bad, or neutral ending. It is a short anime whose manga counterpart has not taken a big lead away from it. How are you guys are eager for the movie? We'll see if the movie is the ultimate end to the anime or not.

More good news, Anna and I are relieved that we're almost done with the project. That only means Fairy Tail, Beelzebub, and Sket Dance and college for us and for our teammates, we get to spend more time with them. Let's go over the episode!


As the final hours run, Satan is on a rampage to unify Gehenna and Assiah to fulfill his dreams with Yuri, and Yukio, Rin, and their friends fight the horde demons and him.

Will Yukio and Rin defeat Satan and end their family problems for good? Tune in and watch Blue Exorcist 25!


Beware of mild spoilers!


Bon gives Rin noogie. Awesome!
Bon gives Rin noogie. Awesome!
  • Ryuji (Bon)'s shining moment is pretty creative since his role in the anime is limited.
  • More action but less suspense with Arthur, Rin, Shura, and Yukio taking on the whole army.
  • In the end, Yukio and Rin visits a special person's grave. An excellent scene where Rin and Yukio learn about their origin; Rin teaches Yukio to be grateful.


  • There's a lack of challenge in the fight even though they had some difficulty in reaching Satan. I say episode 24 has better fight scenes.
  • Some people can argue that the ending is a bit predictable and ends like a movie.

Bizarre and Unfinished Questions

Old man's identity
Old man's identity
  • Mephisto's wagers do not make sense. Shiro wins Mephisto's bet to raise the children as human, and what is Shiro's award anyways.
  • The old man's identity is presumed to be Faust due to the myths about a man who sold his soul for all the knowledge. Yet, in this anime, the wager is about eternal youth. It remains a mystery.
  • Takara returns to talking with the hand puppet. His talk about Satan appears to be for informational purposes.
  • Arthur's sword stops talking. No innuendos or dirty talk?
  • Also, Amaimon has not return to normal. Does that mean he remains as a hamster forever?
  • Interestingly, all the anime exclusive characters are dead. Igor (who's in both) has an unknown status whether he's alive or not.
  • Who put that yellow flower on Yuri' s grave before Yukio and Rin can visit?

Overall, the ending is not that bad nor that good. The epilogue of the ending is a nice closure for Yukio and Rin's hunt for their origin, but I feel that the anime is a bit rushed. I was expecting a showdown, but episode 24 has most of the suspense and action.

What do you guys think? What's your favorite moments or bad ones? Feel free to talk, spoilers or not.


I thank you guys for reading this and being active. You guys are awesome! Please see our work on episode 25. Anna did the formatting while I added the meat: plot summary, the rest of the stuff, and images. I thank my partner, Anna, for sticking with me to the very end.

Wiki Progress: Everything has plot, characters, and more except for episode 9 and 11. As for characters, Anna and I will have to read the manga.

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