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Hello everyone and welcome to the Weekly Beelzebub report! I'm Taka, your average wiki editor and part of the Beelzebub team. The last episode of Beelzebub was a filler, and this week, we get another filler with two stories. Let's see if episode 53 is good or not.

*I had to shorten Baby Beelzebub's First Conquest/Furuichi Falls In Love. It's such a long title.

Teammates: Annabanana, ShadowKnight508, Sreenivas, and Arrussel.


Ep. 53: Baby Beelzebub's First Conquest/Furuichi Falls In Love - "Akachan beruzebubu-hatsu no seifuku/ Furuichi wa koiniochiru" (赤ちゃんベルゼブブ初の制服/古市は恋に落ちる)

1st Story: When Hilda gets a request from the demon king about filming Beel's first conquest, she, Oga, and the others follow Beel on his quest.

2nd Story: Even though Furuichi's home has been destroyed, Furuichi's life brightens a bit when he meets a girl who he believes likes him. Will Furuichi get a girlfriend?

Find out by watching Beelzebub!


Beware of Spoilers!

New Characters
Yoko is a ghost girl. She asks Johnny who is possessing Furuichi.
Johnny is a shy ghost guy who had to use Furuichi to talk to Yoko. He finally confess to Yoko, and the two go into the afterlife.


Don't ever change your perverted self, Furuichi
Don't ever change your perverted self, Furuichi
  • Baby Beel finally shows that he is a man in this episode as he conquers Furuichi's house and lay waste to everyone in his way. However, that's not the case. Beel only conquer one thing by himself, a pit bull who wants his milk. I thought that Beel is going to use his glare or his electric attacks. Instead, Beel pees on the dog. Sometimes, Beelzebub is just unpredictable.
  • For Furuichi, don't ever change your perverted side.
  • Speaking of "firsts," this episode shows Beelzebub's first conquest and the first girl who is interested in Furuichi.
  • Furuichi and Nene's Relationship:
    It's interesting to see Nene giving Furuichi, a fruit punch. However, Furuichi ruins the moment by asking her to give the one that she had drank from. That is a good ending to this episode.


Demon Lord's an attention whore
Demon Lord's an attention whore
  • This episode is much better than the last episode, And There Were No Delinquents. The only bad thing I can think is that fans want Beelzebub to resume its track to main storyline. It has been two filler episodes, and #54 is a filler too.
  • Too much fillers in a row is not good for Beelzebub.


Furuichi's Embarrassing Moments
Furuichi's Embarrassing Moments
  • If you looked closely when Furuichi and Yuko talk in the nurse's office in Nene's point of view, you can see Yuko's feet is transparent. I didn't catch it until I watched it twice to do the wiki work.
  • Furuichi's Lewd Conducts #3: Furuichi has another dirty scene; this time it's with a guy! Alaindelon finally gets Furuichi in a lewd position, and poor Honoka had to see Furuichi and Alaindelon together. She saw her brother being a pedophile to Lamia, and now she sees Furuichi is getting on with a man.
  • Bastard Father: Beel's father is a lot like Lord En. It's a good thing that Beel is becoming more like Oga. Beel's father is an attention whore.

Overall, this episode gets a four out of five. It's a funny episode, but it lacks the action. Plus, it's the second filler in the row. It had bad timing.


Thank you everyone for reading my team's weekly reports, and I thank my team for doing their best in their studies while juggling wiki work with lots of things.

Wiki Work Progress: I finished episode 53's wiki page. I didn't have time to work on characters since I had to add a lot of Shoujo manga series with some of the coolest wiki editors. ShadowKnight508 is busy working on One Piece while the rest of team are busy. We're all busy with school.

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