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Welcome to the weekly Beelzebub report! I'm Taka and with my team, we're to give a review of Beelzebub ep. 51 and trivia questions for you guys and gals. This week's Beelzebub has a new character named Koma, a perverted Komainu.


Ep. 51: Komainu-sama is Watching You - "Komainu-sama ga miteru" (コマ犬様が見てる)

While Oga and Beel perfect Super Milk Time, Nene and the Red Tails girl try to get Aoi back in their gang. However, a rival gang and a perverted Komainu named Koma makes their plan run off course. Will Nene and the gang get Aoi back and how will Oga perfect Super Milk Time?


Beware of Spoilers!


Aoi's self conscious about her bust size
Aoi's self conscious about her bust size
  • For Red Tails fan, you love this episode because it gives the spotlight to Nene and the others. Kaoru makes her official debut here. She is like Ryoko.
  • If you guys love perverts who get some but get punished, Koma is for you. He just violated the Taniyuri girls and the whole Red Tails gang. Aoi gave him her awesome techniques.
  • Furuichi is another strange position with Alaindelon due to Oga's need to perfect Super Milk Time. He's a guinea pig dressed in baby's clothing while Alaindelon is dressed as granny.
  • I love how Aoi's so self conscious about her bust size when Koma thinks she's a size 70.
  • Anime and Manga Differences: The anime version is better than the manga because it is more funny and place more emphasis on the Red Tails girls.


  • There's not much bad things in this episode. If you wanted action, this episode has none.


Baby Furuichi and Granny Alaindelon
Baby Furuichi and Granny Alaindelon
  • Ryoko breaks the 4th wall about her spotlight in the episode.
  • Of course, Furuichi's scene is downright bizarre and funny.
  • Koma reminds me and many fans of Kon from Bleach. They're both lions, but Kon is a mod soul stuffed in stuff animal while Koma is a demon. Koma is a better *or worse) pervert than Kon because he got to touch some girls' butts and legs.
  • Hilda is humming the pudding song from the last episode.

Overall, this episode is great and funny. It's funnier than its manga counterpart and focuses more on the Red Tails girls.

Trivia Questions


Red tails
Red tails

I thank you guys for reading my team's report. I thank my teammates for working hard on the wiki projects and supporting the community while they are juggling school and work. Please see our vitae list. For wiki progress, I added Koma, Black Beel, and Kaoru last week.

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