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Welcome to the 13th Weekly Beelzebub report! I'm Taka, and my teammates are ShadowKnight508, Annabanana, Arrussel, and Sreenivas. We got another two episode review as the delinquents are finishing their little game and some real action is coming.

*I apologized for the lack of images in episode 46. I uploaded 47's image gallery and finished its wiki page today. It was a busy day. I'll update this report when I or Anna upload some images.


Episode 46: Super Burning Combination - "Moero, chōzetsu gattai!" (燃えろ、超絶合体!)

Shake that Booty, Beel!
Shake that Booty, Beel!

Oga and Beel finally start their training, but their training is not what they expect. At the same time, Furuichi, Lamia, and their group face off Lord En with some difficulties. Will Oga and Beel get strong in time and will Furuichi's group claim victory in their game?

Episode 47: Sorry To Have Kept You Waiting - "Omataseshimashita" (お待たせしました)

I'm Back
I'm Back

Furuichi and Lamia find Lord En's hideout in the most unlikely place; when they get cornered by Yolda, Hilda comes to their aid and owns the wet nurses. Behemoth's men appear, and Oga, Toujou, and the rest of delinquents are in a showdown. Will Oga and his group be victorious against Behemoth's men?

Check out these two episodes to find out?


Beware of Spoilers!

New Characters

Dark Beel
Dark Beel

Dark Beel is Beel's counterpart who loves bunnies! Don't underestimate him because his punch packs a wallop.


  • Episode 46 is pretty hilarious. I can't give any surprises. Let's say that Furuichi's group beat them at cheating in a very flashy way.
  • New Moves: Aoi, Alaindelon, and Hilda got some nice moves. For Hilda fans, Hilda beat those wet nurses like they were amateurs. That pwnage scene is so awesome.

I'll get more scenes.


What the hell is that? A Taser?
What the hell is that? A Taser?
  • They censor guns but allow fan service. That's strange. There were moments where the guns are censored earlier in this series. Lamia's gun only appears in the manga. I guess younger children should not have guns, but cleavage and showing skin is allowed.
  • I don't mind fan service, but I don't tolerate unnecessary censorship. Some series need fan service while some don't. Sket Dance is the one that doesn't need it.


I even got one for the baby!
I even got one for the baby!
  • For some odd reason, Toujou appears. Expect some (If you guys read the manga, Toujou and Angelica are not present.)
  • Anime References: You got To Love Ru and Dragon Ball Z. That flashy ending is a parody of Power Rangers.
  • The Demon wet nurses are like lionesses teaching their cub how to hunt. You'll see why.

Normally, I tell you guys to check the wiki pages for anime/manga differences (that's the purpose of the wiki pages), but these changes were so noticeable. Overall, these episodes are getting closer to the action, and Beelzebub still have those funny surprises and odd moments waiting to come out.


Thank you guys for reading my team's report. I thank my team for working with me this past semester. Remember guys, if you love something, talk about it. The more people talk, the better our community will be. My team making wiki edits that makes our community better.

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