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Welcome to the 11th weekly Beelzebub! I'm Taka, a fellow wiki editor who bring you guys news about a couple of shows on Anime Vice: Sket Dance, Blue Exorcist, and Fairy Tail. My team (Annabanana, ShadowKnight508, Arrussel, and Sreenivas) and I are here to discuss last week's Beelzebub's episode 43, Where Did My Brother Go?, and our work.

Be sure to check out Beelzebub's image gallery. ShadowKnight508 and Anna added some cool images.


Where Did My Brother Disappear To? - "Ani wa doko e kieta no deshō?" (兄はどこへ消えたのでしょう?)

While Oga, Beel, and the Shadow Group are going with Aoi, Ittousai, and Kota to the training grounds, Lamia and Furuichi are searching for Lord En. In their quest, Furuichi finds his Ishiyama classmates at the arcade and rounds them up. He asks them to help him to search for Lord En by informing them the attack on Oga and Aoi and insults on their school's name.

Will Furuichi convince his fellow delinquents to search for Lord En and will Oga get to the serious training?


Beware of mild spoilers!


Furuichi: It's not what it looks like!
Furuichi: It's not what it looks like!
  • Furuichi and Lamia had a crazy adventure. I guarantee you find their moments hilarious such as this caught in a lewd position moment.
  • The court house trial was great because in a way, it pokes fun at Oga who is supposed to be the typical main shonen and the strongest character in the show.
  • For Furuichi fans, you see Furuichi take over this episode with some pervy and narcissistic scenes.


Zenjuro: Toujou, you're not funny or smart
Zenjuro: Toujou, you're not funny or smart
  • Some jokes get old. Toujou's misunderstanding of Zenjuro's explanation of demons is only funny the first time.
  • For those who hate how Oga's training drags out, Oga did not do much training. It felt like a filler, but the whole episode is more focused on Lamia and Furuichi.


Alaindelon: Takayuki-kun! Damn that Lamia for taking my man!
Alaindelon: Takayuki-kun! Damn that Lamia for taking my man!
  • Alaindelon's jealousy is pretty crazy when he complains how Lamia is getting close to Furuichi to Hilda.
  • Furuichi has a sparkling nosebleed. I haven't seen other animes that have this. I seen nosebleeds that shoot out like geysers but not sparkling.
  • Lamia is a strange little girl because of Tsundere and sadistic behavior. She would resort to violence whether Furuichi restrains her. Furuichi and Lamia's relationship is pretty bizarre, but they both complement each other.

Overall, this episode is fantastic if you don't mind the lack of violence and fighting. You'll have a riot with watching this episode.


Click to see her change personalities!
Click to see her change personalities!

My team has trivia questions, an animated GIF, and stitched caps. Our teammate, Anna, added lovely stitched caps. For those who do not know what a stitched cap is, a stitched cap is an image that's been stretched to include more things. It could be stretched vertically or horizontally. Usually in wiki pages, stitched caps must be in its own gallery because episode caps or regular images are permitted in wiki pages.


  • Lamia: 1,
  • Yuka: 1,
  • Caught in a Lewd Position: 1,

Anna's Stitched Caps


I thank you guys for reading our team's weekly report. I thank my teammates for doing a great job on this wiki project. Anna and ShadowKnight508 did an excellent job on the anime part while Arrussel added the weekly chapter 43 review of Beelzebub's manga.

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