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Welcome to the tenth weekly Beelzebub report! I'm Taka and my teammates are Annabanana, ShadowKnight508, Arrussel, and Sreenivas. I'm here to discuss Beelzebub episode 42 and my team's work on it with other Beelzebub wiki pages. Please see episode 42's image gallery!


As Lamia takes care of Oga and strangles him for neglecting to save Hilda, Forkas point out that Aoi did an excellent job on treating Hilda. After Zenjuro leaves and tells Oga to stop on by in class for some training, Oga finds Beelzebub waiting by Hilda's side. Suddenly, Hilda wakes up much to Oga and Beel's surprise. Once Hilda says her first apology to Oga and rests, Oga takes Aoi to her house; he tells her that he is angry at himself for not being strong enough to save everyone.

Will Oga's training make him strong? When will Hilda get back on her feet and when are the demons coming back?

Tune and watch Beelzebub 42: It's Time for Training!



Oga's sister and Aoi have something in common
Oga's sister and Aoi have something in common
  • Hilda and Oga have a heartwarming moment with some new music. It's a good scene for all you fans of Oga and Hilda.
  • One of the most hilarious scenes is how Aoi's identity is still safe from Oga due to how oblivious Oga is.
  • These two more scenes are also great: Lamia strangling Oga and Zenjuro's frustration to explain Toujou about what has happened.


This training is for nothing?! No plot development?
This training is for nothing?! No plot development?
  • The whole episode feels like a Karate Boy movie even Oga acknowledges the fact by pointing out that he saw it from a movie in one of the scenes.
  • For those who want action, there is not much going on in this episode, so it feels slow.
  • Typical Shonen Hero's Flaws: Oga is the same as most Shonen heros because he wants to be strong in order to protect everyone. Ichigo of Bleach shares that trait.


Oga's ripoff move from Zoro and Naruto
Oga's ripoff move from Zoro and Naruto
  • The way Alaindelon pops in and crawls around the screen like a worm during his explanation scenes is the strangest thing in Beelzebub.
  • Anime References: According to my team, Oga's posture when he defeats the Shadow Group and holds the broom in his mouth with his hands doing a ninja sign is a reference to Naruto and One Piece.
  • Filler Kouta's kindness and friendship with Beelzebub is pretty much gone because it seems Kouta likes teasing Beelzebub for the fun of it.
  • Beelzebub is acting more and more like Oga. There are examples in earlier episodes, but in this one, Beel mimicks his surprise, anger, and laughter.


I thank you guys for reading this; I thank my team for sticking with me.

Wiki Work

  • Episode 42 - Annabanana did the plot, anime/manga differences, and images for this episode. ShadowKnight508 and I did some minor additions such adding concepts and stuff.
  • Beelzebub volumes - I was adding table of contents to several volumes over the past two weeks. This week, I did volume 6 and 13.

Since our team adds notes about the differences of anime and manga, I figure to format the volumes to keep track of where we are and add stuff later to it to save time.

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