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Welcome to the 4th weekly article for Beelzebub! Hello fans and newcomers, I'm your host, Takashichea, and I'm proud to say that this episode has a nice volleyball finale. Be prepared for some flashy volleyball moves, action packed, and some hysterical moments in this episode.

My Teammates

  • ShadowKnight508
  • Annabanana


It has come down to this! The anticipated volleyball match between the Ishiyama High students and the Six Holy Knights has begun! With their status as students and imminent expulsion hanging in the balance, Oga and friends know that they must win this match at all costs. However, the Six Holy Knights will not go down without putting up one hell of a match first.

Team Ishiyama vs Team Six Holy Knights
Team Ishiyama vs Team Six Holy Knights

Can the team from Ishiyama High pull off the upset? Or will they be crushed by their rivals and be expelled? And just who is the mysterious person from Oga's shrouded past that arrives at the festival?

By ShadowKnight508 whose enthusiasm knows no bound. I couldn't come up with a better teaser than this. Plus, I'm tired from writing forum threads for the other projects.



  • After a timeout, I love the troll faces that Oga, lil' Beel, and the other delinquents make when they have their dirty tactics planned.
  • Aoi's misunderstanding Hilda is hysterical. You can say Aoi's mind is in the cloud. There were Aoi and Oga moments at the end.
  • Subtle Scene: When the students talk smack about Ishiyama, Azusa restrains Kazuya from the beating the crap out of these guys. I love this scene.
  • These shots are nice and better than the DBZ death ball scene.


Kaname's Death Ball!
Kaname's Death Ball!
  • The DBZ death ball scene is a bit too much. No offense to the DBZ fans. However, it could be a parody to the popular franchise. It depends on your opinions.
  • In the manga, Oga kicks the ball is a much better scene than the anime version where Toujou dribbles the ball to pass to Oga who slam dunk it.


Lord En and his revealing wet nurses
Lord En and his revealing wet nurses
  • Cameo Appearance: Lord En and his maids appear for a brief moment.
  • Miki got bitch slapped by Oga's pass. Why did Miki not hit the ball?


I thank you guys for reading this; I thank my team: ShadowKnight508 for prepping the wiki page and adding that teaser plot and Annabanana for the plot summary and the images. Please give them recognition and see their hard work on Beelzebub episode 35. You guys are awesome!

Looks like my guide won't be publish before October 1, but I got a lot of experience from writing these reports. If you guys love a franchise and work hard on it, you should write blogs, reviews, or a guide about it to promote your love and your work.


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