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Welcome to the weekly La Storia della Arcana Famiglia! Last week, Felicita, Nova, and Liberta stumbles upon a person in tube while in Jolly's laboratory. It's a homunculus. Things just got interesting in this series.


Felicita finds her father sleeping due to excess work, and she questions Dante and Jolly about her father and homunculus in the tube.

What secrets has Felicita has uncovered about her daddy?


Beware of spoilers!


Mondo and the Arcana Cards
Mondo and the Arcana Cards
  • We finally know why Mondo hosted Arcana Duello and get a glimpse of his past and personality. Mondo's excess work is providing energy to Arcana Cards/ or Tarocco who have no hosts. This why Jolly is finding new hosts by experimenting on young children. Poor Debito, Luca, and Pace. They never knew the full truth.
  • Felicita's character shines in this episode. I'm glad she does because she is the main character who is overwhelmed by the presence of the interesting, male love interests. It's interesting that she is only character (as of right now) who holds two cards.


  • With these secrets exposed, wouldn't it be better to have explained after the tournament? Yet, this series is slated for 12 episodes from what I heard.
  • I hope this series finish what it started or at least end with a good ambiguous cliffhanger.

Overall, this episode is great but not perfect because we still have some things to expect from this show.

Arcana Powers Wiki Pages and Images

Besides collecting card images, I find the seals on the bodies interesting. I have to recapture them. Jolly's seal is on his right eye while Sumire's seal is on her left palm. I couldn't get a good shot for Felicita's Wheel of Fortune seal which is on her back. It was too far away.


Felicita (Profile Portrait) by Sonata
Felicita (Profile Portrait) by Sonata

Thank you guys and gals for reading this report and supporting the franchise and the wiki pages. Every contribution counts and makes this community better.

Wiki Progress: With this recent development, I have to update Mondo, Dante, Jolly, Sumire, and Felicita's origin stories. I finished Ep. 9's page, but I need to add the accent marks to Felicitá and Libertà.

Due to Daniel's new image policy, Sonata is working on the profile portraits, 300 by 450 size images.

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