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I finished and closed Glasslip and Samurai Bakumatsu wiki tasks. I can probably post this week's DVD releases. It's short, 6 Titles. I saved Noriaki's wiki task tomorrow. Tonight, I need to work on a paper and study for Bio quiz. PM me if you need me
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Welcome everyone to the Weekly La Storia della Arcana Famiglia report! Last week's episode was another exposition story where we learn about Nova's past. This week's episode links both Libertà and Nova's pasts. It is interesting, and plus, we get some action to this series.


When pirates have kidnapped Nova's father, Moreno, it's up to Felicitá, Nova, and Libertà to rescue him. From the shadows, a masked man from Libertà's past stalks them.

Can the three save the day?


Beware of spoilers!


  • We get some action and some Arcana Powers revealed in this episode.
  • For those who like Jolly, he is a weirdo. In the ending, he makes Libertà drinks a concoction that has one confessed to their carnal desires. The words that came out sounds like a Light Novel or Visual Novel's typical sex scene without the graphic description of private parts.
  • Nova and Libertà's character shine a bit with Nova smiling more and Libertà proving himself.


  • Repetitive Response: It's only funny for the first time, but Felicitá's scene where she kicks Libertà for being a pervert is not needed.

The episode is better than the earlier episodes since it's not an exposition or a slow episode. You got some humorous scenes and action. How do you guys and gals dig this episode?


Thank you guys and gals for reading this report. Please support the franchise and the wiki editors who are working hard. Any help to the wiki pages, nice image uploads, comment, or blogs would be appreciated. I wouldn't mind sharing the episode work since it's insane to work on multiple wiki projects.

Wiki Progress: I finished Ep. 6's page and added evolution sections to Nova and Libertà's pages.

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