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Welcome to the weekly La Storia della Arcana Famiglia report! I'm Takashichea, a wiki editor who is a bit of weirdo if you haven't a chance to know me. Anyway, last week is another slow paced episode where you get to know more about Debito and Nova. This week is the same as you will find out about Dante and Libertà's back stories.


Libertà tries to remember what has happened in his past, and Felicitá accidentally reads Dante's heart where she learns from Dante about Libertà's dark past.

What is the connection between the mask and Libertà's past?


Beware of spoilers!


Dante and lil Liberta = daddy and his lil boy
Dante and lil Liberta = daddy and his lil boy
  • Whoo! We get to see what has happened in Libertà's past and what his Arcana Powers are. I was stoked that Libertà's powers involve just using words with a bit of willpower and emotions. You can imagine all sorts of things that Libertà can do.
  • Nova and Libertà's scene is bit touching where Nova reminds Libertà about his goal to become stronger in order to help Felicitá.
  • Speaking of Arcana Powers, Dante mentions he can seal memories. Makes me wonder if he can do more than that. I liked how Dante is like a father figure to Libertà.


  • Pacing: Well, it's a hit or miss with fans. If you're okay with the slow pacing, you'll be alright. For folks who are aching for some action, it's going to be tough to keep watching.

I'm in this for a research blog, harem vs reverse harem. I'm comparing this show to Campione! since both have an Italian theme. Overall, this episode is great because it shows Dante and Libertà's past and more of Libertà's character. Hopefully, Felicitá gets some attention because next episode is on Lucas, I think.


For more images, check out Ep. 4's image gallery.

Sonata uploaded some cool transparent PNGs.


Thanks everyone for reading this weekly report.

Wiki Progress: Last week, Sonata uploaded cool transparent PNG, and I finished Ep. 4's wiki page and updated Felicitá's evolution section and Libertà's origin section.

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This Week's Ongoing Anime and Manga Coverage

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