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Hello everyone! It's another beautiful Sunday as we start it off with La Storia della Arcana Famiglia. I'm Taka, a wiki editor, for those who are new to Anime Vice. I'm here with my Wiki Famiglia: BigHeart711 and Sonata and showcasing their works.


Il Comandante della Squadra Protezinite Animali

Felicitá and Libertà help Nova catch a white cat that Nova saved from being trampled by a carriage. In their little adventure, Felicitá gets help from the family members as they find the owner of the cat while she thinks about the upcoming Arcana Duello.

Bambina and her knights
Bambina and her knights

(Note: I didn't notice it was a flashback episode when I did the wiki work. Crunchyroll states it is flashback. My brain is fried by the wiki work and Church stuff)



Hmm, is this foreshadowing?
Hmm, is this foreshadowing?
  • Felicitá gets some time to relax, and the fans get to see the relationship growing between her and Libertà and Nova.
  • It's another exposition episode where you guys and gals learn more about the Arcana Famiglia people.
  • Plus, there's more tarot cards explained.


  • Being another exposition part 2, it still feels awkward with the guys reintroducing themselves and interrupting each other.
  • No action - It's hit or miss if you're bored or not. At least, it had some humorous moments.

Overall, this episode is good but not excellent. The episode acts like a filler, yet I find this episode good because it gives more attention to Felicitá who I think needs a lot of spotlight. In reverse harems and harems that are based on games, the potential love interests tend to be more developed and more interesting. For the lead of the harem, they are underdeveloped and their character is weak. A lot of times, you don't see the main character's face especially the male lead.


Please enjoy the highlights. More images can be seen in the episode 2 and character galleries.

Sonata has uploaded two cool transparent pngs, Felicita and Jolly.


Thank you everyone for reading this weekly report. Please support the anime and the wiki editors who are working hard on this.

I thank BigHeart711 for working with me on the wiki project (he created the character pages and added info) and Sonata for uploading those cool transparent Png.

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