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Finished clearing all Attack on Titan characters. Was really close to 5PM. I'll be back to save up the Attack on Titan episode summaries and finish Taichokage and rest of my teammates' wiki subs.
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Welcome to the 2nd weekly anime thirst where I share my thoughts, good, bad, and random, about the anime shows I watch on a weekly basis. This is to promote the #Anime Vice Discussion Threads. Last week, most of my spring 2013 shows have ended already.

I omit Gargantia and Attack on Titan from this blog since I'm having a blast on the discussion threads and Tom's W & L articles with the folks here.


Mushibugyo Ep. 12: Training with Father!

Jinbei and his crew come home to Edo after saving Insect Magistrate from the Mushikari. When Edo is overrun by insects, Jinbei's old man saves the day with a giant pile of insects. It was crazy to see another over powered character. Remember how Mugai took down that giant rhinoceros beetle? Jinbei's old man has a weird but cool training exercise, stopping a volcano from erupting by smashing a pillar into the ground with a sword. It's unique. Besides the outrageously strong characters, Haru is doing her damsel in distress thing with fan service. Whenever Haru is in the episode, her boobs are always emphasized. Finally, there is a touching scene with the Insect Magistrate. The Insect Magistrate is implied to have feelings for Jinbei, the lucky dummy. Seeing a love triangle, I didn't know who to root for, Haru or Insect Magistrate.

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Utapri 2 Ep. 13: Maji LOVE 2000%

Well, this is most bizarre finale I seen in reverse harem shows.

Happy Wave = Pink Euphoria
Happy Wave = Pink Euphoria

After doing a Utapri marathon and catching last week, the power of music is a strong theme. Music moves people. For this episode, Starish's songs is like a drug that makes everyone get high and happy on pink ecstasy carnival ride. To be honest, I like Heavens' song better since I heard this song multiple times in the OP. What I love about the series is that it's unique. It doesn't fall in a stereotypical reverse harem. The main heroine doesn't pick anyone, and all the male characters had roughly equal spotlight. Only in the first season, the main heroine had a change in her character while both seasons had the male love interests developed the most. All the guys stand out from each other in the harem.

If there is another season (but it's unlikely), I would like to see more about the mentors. In the last few episodes, they reveal the backstory of Ranmaru and why he didn't work in groups. For fans who want a good reverse harem series, I recommend this show.


Devil Survivor 2 Ep. 13: Sunday of Realization -II

The old world is gone, and Yamato stands poised to remake the world as he sees fit. Hibiki is determined to thwart him, but it will take all his resources as Yamato reveals the true extent of the demon-summoning app's powers. Using its function of demonic fusion, Yamato brings forth Satan himself. In the end, only one will stand before Polaris, who will grant not simply an audience -- to the victor will go the chance to wish for anything they desire.

Via Crunchyroll

Cool Digivolution! Wait, is that a vagina monster?
Cool Digivolution! Wait, is that a vagina monster?

This is pretty mellow for video game finale. Last week, everyone die except for Hibiki and Yamato. I predicted that the show might bring them back because of Polaris' god like powers and how the show isn't really brutal like Shin Sekai Yori or Samurai Seven. The final battle is not as tense as I expected, but it had a crazy "digievolution" thing. I have not play the video game, and this was fan service for the video game fans. Still, Hibiki pulled a Deus Ex Machinima with the power of friendship. With everything back to normal, the show ends with Hibiki crying and laughing hysterically after seeing Yamato alive and well.

It's not the best anime adaptation of a video game, but it still enjoyable. Granted, if you're not familiar with the video game like I am, you can get lost with the series a bit.

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Karneval Ep. 13: Karneval

My 2nd Josei show was also ending this week.

I had a lot of expectations for the show. It didn't amaze me, but it managed to stand out. What I didn't like about the final episode is when Azana became a traitor. They jumped the shark in this episode because they did not leave any hints about Azana. Azana is a really minor character. It was surprising but unnatural. For the good parts, Iva and Tsukumo's battle with Uro is entertaining. Speaking of surprises, I never expected two Karokus. The real one that Nai knows is unconscious. The show ends ambiguously. We don't know for sure about the fake Karoku, Palnedo, and the Varuga's true intentions. The show does a good job in forming a "bridge" on their cliffhanger in the finale. That "bridge" is Gareki going to school to become a better person to help others. This creates hope, an opportunity, for fans if Karneval is going to get another season.

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Devil is a Part Timer! Ep. 13: The Devil and the Hero Do Some Honest Hard Work

The final of the show is a bit lackluster compared to episode 12. While episode 12 is entertaining, episode 13 is plagued with Sadao trying to return merchandise that Lucifer bought. There are few humorous scenes I enjoy: Chiho's dream with Sadao and Sariel's masochistic scene with Mayumi. It didn't leave much a cliffhanger or something to develop in the future if the show gets a second season. However, there is something, Emi's scene where she blushes and smile after giving Sadao an umbrella. It does begs the question: does Emi like Sadao? The show is like Binbougami-ga! with its tense, dramatic scenes full of action and comedy, and it ends with things solved so easily. Enemies become friends quite easily. I believe Devil is a Part Timer could have made more risks. The dream where Chiho feared that Sadao could have gone home is a potential story for the series. Plus, what about the war between humans and demons back in Ente Isla? This series has this atmosphere where I cannot take it seriously. Still, Suzuno and Emi's past were brutal.

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Valvrave the Liberator Ep. 12: The Heretic Activates

Valvrave continues to surprise me. The two potential Valvrave pilots were Aina and Shoko. I had my money on Shoko, but I should have realize it was Aina. Aina had a lot of backstory revealed in the last episode. This drives her to become a pilot. Whereas, Shoko just lost her father. She's not bent on revenge. For the future scene with Saki and a child who looks like L-elf, I try to figure out what they're foreshadowing. I'm guessing that out of all the Valvrave pilots, Saki was the sole survivor. I'm so psyched for the 2nd season. In the end, Valvrave had an excellent ending. It leaves fans wanting more.

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Severing Crime Edge Ep 13: Grayland is in the House

The final didn't have a heated battle, but it did have some surprises. The beginning of the episode is full of fan service with beams of light for censorship when Iwai and Emily bathe together. I didn't enjoy that part much since I find Emily a bit creepy. Children shouldn't talk about sex. It's too weird for me. Lady Witchy's French kiss is a big surprise. Poor Kiri, he lost his first kiss. After the credits, there are lot of weird scenes that makes fan hope for a second season. There was a scene where Sumeragi was groping Houko and Kiri holding Lady Witchy from behind. I thought Sumeragi was into lolis.

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Oreimo 2 Ep. 13 Little Sisters Can't Fall in Love With Their Older Brothers!

This final episode reveals how Kirino became an otaku and a brocon. Also, Manami had a crucial role in Kyousuke and Kirino's relationship. I enjoy Manami's quote and how it just snap Kirino out of reality. Kirino and Kyousuke's change in character somewhat mirror each other. While Kirino is driven, Kyousuke became apathetic. I'm still guessing what are the OVAs about. Daniel thinks it's going an incest route while I'm doing the Ayase route. Chances are it's going to be about Kirino and Kyousuke. I'm looking forward to the OVAs in August.

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I used to hate this show because of its absurd, loli, and sugarsweet fan service. Plus, I was embarrassed to review it. I got used to it since the characters make me laugh it off. The finale is decent and predictable. Yokodera does not remember anything in his past. When he stumbles his past with Tsukiko, he and Tsukiko do not recognize anything at all. I realized he must used the stony cat to sacrifice his memories. It was still a sweet scene where Tsukushi hugs her mother with Tsukiko and Yokodera. The end of the show still has some ridiculous but humorous scenes. In the first episode, Yokodera is on top of Tsukiko twice. This time, Tsukiko is on the bottom with her legs spread wide. This is a bit extreme since the loli art makes it worse. I still think this is a harem show more than a love triange since Tsukiko, Tsukushi, Azusa, and maybe Emanuela have feelings for Yokodera.

Con: The anime shows Yokodera kissing Azusa vividly. However, Yokodera's kissing scene with Tsukiko is just a silhouette. Sometimes, subtlely works, but I want to see the full picture since Azusa fans got it.

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