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Welcome to the Guilty Crown Anthology blog where I list all the weekly reviews of the anime that Kuro and I do.

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Episode 1 - Genesis

In the year 2029, an alien pandemic spreads all over the Japan after a devastating meteor crash, driving the country into total chaos. An international organization by the name GHQ enters Japan, putting it in a state of martial law, and implanting the idea that they cannot do anything to protect themselves without their aid.

10 years pass, and we now see the world of "Guilty Crown" through the eyes of Shu Ouma, an average 17-year-old teenager who lives a normal life. However, his normal life style is soon shattered after his chance encounter with Inori Yuzuriha, who eventually involves him with the anti-government group she is a part of.

Weekly Article written by Kuro

Episode 2 - Survival of the Fittest

During the second episode of Guilty Crown, titled "Survival of the Fittest", the story continues from where it left off in the first episode. Shu Ouma , has accidentally acquired a mysterious power from a synethesized genome known as the "Void Genome" . This genome is one of three special genomes which grants it's user phenomenal power. The specific power associated with the Void Genome is called "The King's Power ".

Now with this newly acquired power, what will Shu do? He isn't the same boy he was before. He now has the power to make a difference, and cannot remain as a silent by-stander any longer. Will Shu rebel against GHQ and their inhuman methods towards the Japanese? Will he join "Undertaker", the resistance group against the GHQ?

So what will be Shu's decision? (And damn.....Gai's eye is creepily blue. Can you feel the chills running down your spine by just looking at his cold stare?)
Weekly Article Written by Kuro

Episode 3 - Void Sampling

The third episode of Guilty Crown starts where it finished off in the second episode, with Inori joining Shu's class as his new classmate. Not only that, but she also moves into his apartment and now lives with him. Shu, who doesn't understand why Inori is with him every step he takes, receives an explanation from Gai Tsutsugami. Gai tells Shu that there was one witness that saw and identified Shu during the Undertaker's attack in Roppongi; and that witness happens to go to Shu's school.

It is now Inori and Shu's job to search through the student body for the witness, needing to extract the students' Voids to find out which one of them is the witness.

Weekly Article Written by Kuro

Episode 4 - Flux

The fourth episode continues where the story left off, with Shu being taken away by GHQ officials. While being held prisoner, Shu starts learning more about Funeral Parlor, a.k.a Undertaker and their plans from GHQ Major Segai. Shu becomes even more indecisive about whose side he should be on than he was earlier; and the fact that Gai refuses to answer any of his questions makes matters even more confusing for him.

While Shu's lost in his own sea of thoughts, Undertaker is already on its way to rescue a known murderer that is also held prisoner by GHQ. Seeing that rescuing him is not part of the plan, who should Shu put his faith and trust in?

Weekly Article Written by Kuro

Episode 5 - A Preparation

The fifth episode continues where the story left off, with Shu accompanying Gai, Inori and Kenji to Undertaker's base. There,Gai introduces a new mission that Undertaker will be executing, and he formally introduces Shu to the members. In order for Shu to officially join the team, he needs to train and win against Ayase and her Endlave in a mock battle.

How will Shu survive Undertaker's intense training? And will he be able to concentrate after the unexpected turn of events between him and Inori?

Weekly Article Written by Kuro

Episode 6 - Leukocytes
After an unexpected turn of events, Funeral Parlor, aka Undertaker, are forced to carry out their attack plan against the Leucocyte, despite their major loss in troops.Shu, who is a vital part of the attack plan, decides to pull out of the mission without any prior notice. What will be Undertaker's next step? And will Shu change his mind after he learns more about Gai and how he really thinks and feels?
Weekly Article Written By Kuro

Episode 7 - Temptation

Shu finally gets back to school along with Inori, and with the help of the student council president, Arisa Kuhouin, the unpleasant remarks of the students regarding Shu's GHQ interrogation came to an end. Haruka,Shu's mother, finally comes back home and Shu is stuck trying to explain why Inori and a 'laundry-folding' robot is living with him.

The Undertakers also have a new mission for both Gai and Shu which involves a key asset in Undertaker's strategic advances. But what happens when a newly-appointed American GHQ colonel targets this key asset?

Episode 8 - Courtyard Behavior

Shu is sent on another mission by Gai to Oshima. His mission is to find "the rock that started it all", which is situated in a secret base located in Oshima. To cover up the mission, Shu and the club members of the Contemporary Image and Video Research Club, which include Souta, Kanon, and Hare, are going on a free vacation to Oshima. Will Shu be able to complete the mission successfully along with the Undertakers, despite still feeling uneasy with using other people as tools?

Combined Weekly Article Written By Kuro

Episode 9 - Retraction
Yahiro returns along with his younger brother Jun, whose Stage V Apocalypse Virus has reached a state in which it cannot fight off the cancerous crystals. Shu is left to decide how to deal with Yahiro and Jun's circumstances since Gai is out of town. Will Shu help the friend that betrayed him? How will both Shu and the GHQ Anti bodies react when they witness that the virus seems to work much differently than the way they thought?
Weekly Article Written By Kuro
Episode 10 - Retraction
After the horrendous events that took place during his battle with Jun, Shu is currently traumatized by his surroundings. Bombarded by flashbacks, Shu reaches his limits and decides to quit Undertaker, and begins to avoid those around him. In the meantime, Gai and the rest of the Undertakers are engaged in a mission to retrieve "the rock that started it all". Will the Undertaker's be able to complete the mission without The King's Power on their side? And what exactly does GHQ's Major Segaihave under his sleeve?
Episode 11 - Resonance
GHQ's in a sea of blood, and Tokyo city is resonating with an eerie song bringing chaos to the Japanese people. The Apocalypse Virus is spreading in a cancerous rate, instantly crystallizing all of it's victims. Shu is finally starting to see the consequences of his lack of action; will he finally realize the truth of friendship and pull his act together?
Combined Weekly Article Written by Kuro
Episode 12 - Lost Christmas
Inori has been abducted by a mysterious ally of Keido Shuichirou, and also possesses The King's Power. Their planning on undergoing a secret ritual to recreate the events of The Lost Christmas, and the spread of The Apocalypse Virus. In order for Shu to save Inori, he must retrieve his lost memories of the events that occurred on December 24th, 2029. Light will finally be shed on Shu's past, his relationship with the mysterious pink-haired girl, and how his child self was once acquainted with Gai.
Weekly Article Written By Kuro
Episode 13 - Academy: Isolation
Two weeks have passed since Mana has been sealed away. Shu and Inori along with Ayase and Tsugumi have been cut off from their families after the GHQ has blockaded the entire area that was affected by the potential Lost Christmas event that occurred during the prior two weeks. The student of Tennozu First High School that were isolated in the blockaded area, known as Loop 7, have naturally gathered in the school to seek refuge. When well the GHQ finally allow those in Loop 7 to be released? And what will Arisa Kuhouin plan in order to calm down the anxious students?
Episode 14 - Disturbance: Election
Arisa Kuhouin is slowly losing control over the Tennozu First High School student body, who are all currently in a state of turmoil. Rumors about the horrendous methods that the GHQ is dealing with those quarantined in Loop 7 are starting to float around, putting the students in an even more panicked state. How long will Arisa manage to contain the school's frenzy? Will the school get even more divided now that another rumor that says handing over the Undertaker members will give them safe passage out of the quarantined zone?
Combined Weekly Article Written By Kuro
Episode 15 - Confession: Sacrifice
Shu is trying figure out which to choose, Yahiro's Void Ranking System or something else to avoid discrimination everyone. Yet, Hare comforts him and confesses that she loves him. When Souta goes out to prove he is not weak, he endangers Hare and the others.
Will Shu be able to save everyone's lives?
Weekly Article Written By Taka
Episode 16 - Kingdom: Tyrant
Arugo and Oogumo arrive to Tokyo to rescue Arisa for Okina. However, Arugo is stopped by Shu who has the whole school under his control. They find a startling truth about the Voids and how Hare truly died. Meanwhile, Keido, Haruka, and Seiga prepare to take their plans up a notch at GHQ.
Weekly Article Written By Taka
Episode 17 - Revolution: Exodus
The students under Shu's oppressive rule are starting to feel discontent and rebellious towards the harsh king, leading them to start a coup d'etat lead by Arisa Kuhouin. Inori begins to notice her scary behaviour, and realizes that she is the one who attacked Arisa without being aware of it. Will Shu realize that his followers are actually planning a rebellion? Will the UN actually go through with nuking Japan? And what will happen when a certain someone makes a surprising return?
Episode 18 - Wandering: Dear
After Gai destroys the enemy bombers, Inori and Shu escape. Arisa decides to work under Gai's orders, and Gai has the world on its knees due to his leukocytes. Meanwhile, Okina plans to confront Arisa. What does Okina have plans in store for Arisa and why does Gai want Inori?
Combined Weekly Article Written by Taka
Episode 19 - Atonement: Rebirth
Haruka originally planned to kill Mana, but she was not there. After Keido had shot Haruka, she escapes with the Void Genome with Seiga pursuing her. With Seiga slaughtering Funeral Parlor troops, it appears that Seiga will claim the Void Genome from Ayase until Shu arrives.
What will Shu do and what are Keido/Gai's plans?
Weekly Article Written By Taka
Episode 20 - Remembrance: A Diary
Gai has Shibungi delivered Dr. Kurosu's diary to Shu; Keido and Gai explain their origin stories. Keido recalls the good times he had with his former best friend Kurosu as they research the Genomic Resonance Theory. Years later, Mana gets infected with the virus, Yuu explains to the two scientists that she would be Eve to produce a new race after the apocalypse. The thought of Kurosu's blood determining the next generation drives Keido jealous. Meanwhile in the present, Shu gets ready to confront Gai.
Find out the events that lead to the Lost Christmas!
Weekly Article Written By Taka

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