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Intro: In the nine months of being an Anime Vice editor, I noticed many of the people who I worked with and some that I observed have certain niches.

Purpose: This is my opinion of my observations. Please don't be offended by the names because I am just making up names based on the descriptions. Some names are a bit strange. If you want to suggest names, I'll be happy to add them. The names are not set into stone.

Four Basic Types of Editors

  • Adders = They are the building blocks because they are the first ones to add a page.
  • Writers = They are the ones who add details, format the page (according to wiki style), and everything else.
  • Linkers = They link pages together by adding links on the page or by adding a page (ie: concepts, objects, etc.) to another page (ie:characters).
  • Image Hunters = They upload images.

Specialized Editors

Using one or a combination of the four basic types, a wiki editor specializes in one or multiple areas to fulfill a niche in the Anime Vice community.

  • Foundation Editors = They are a combo type of adder and linker who build the framework of a franchise. They add characters, objects, voices, locations, credits, and more to the franchise. They are like the engineers who design the blue print of a house.
  • Primers = A combination of adder and writer types. They are the first one to start a new franchise by adding the first frame or tracks. They help build for the next wiki editors by providing the format and details of the first few episodes or volumes.
  • Workers = After the primers have establish a framework, they are the ones who work on wiki projects with other wiki editors. They have all of the four basic types since they want to make the wiki articles more complete. They are like the construction workers who fill in the house's framework brick by brick.


  • Primers = (see above bullet) are perform a niche since they are only around for a short time.
  • Bounty Hunters = Even though they are a writer and adder type, they work mostly on bounty tasks issued by the staff and the mods.
  • Character specialists = They know the wiki format well, and they can whip up a nice article faster than other wiki editors.
  • Story Arcs specialist = They work on the episodes and/ or volumes. They may only work on the story arcs portion of the characters.
  • Completionist = A special kind of worker class who see the wiki project to an end. They will never stop working until everything is done.
  • Formatter = They only format pages.
  • Trend Setters = They are wiki editors who display or create a creative technique on a wiki page which other wiki editors copy and use for future wiki editing.
  • Monthly Editors = They are another blend of workers who work on empty or not franchise for a month.
  • Reviewers = They work on a few pages then they write reviews.
  • Businessmen = They write reviews, guides, and blogs to persuade others to watch anime or read manga. Sometimes, they get more workers to work on a franchise if they are successful.

Other Users in Our Community

Since Anime Vice is a diverse community, there are other niches besides wiki editing. Yet, I think I should put this in a separate blog. I mean no offense if my comments are looking down upon other users.

  • Quest Seekers = They live for the thrill of completing quests.
  • RPGers = They love role playing, battle forums, and building teams.
  • Bloggers = They love to talk and post blogs.
  • News Bloggers = They post news. For some lucky users, their blogs can become front page.
  • Forum Fanatics = They are very active on the threads.
  • News Fanatics (Lovers) = They only comment on headliners such as Tom Pinchuk's and Godlen's news.
  • Instructor Trepe = They write instructional/step by step blogs.

Examples (in alphabetical order) of Wiki Editors

  • Annabanana is a completionist, a character and story arc specialist, and a trendsetter.
  • Auron570 is a a blogger, a story arc specialist, and an adder.
  • BigHeart711 is a characters specialist and a formatter.
  • Buhssuht is a bounty hunter and a character specialist.
  • Dekken is a character specialist, linker, and image hunter.
  • DestinyHeroKnight is a character specialist, a story arc specialist, and a reviewer.
  • Dochaus is a primer and a businessman.
  • Dream is a primer, a reviewer, and a businessman.
  • EgantheVile1 is a completionist, a businessman, and a character specialist.
  • Fire_Star is a completionist, a character specialist, and a worker.
  • FoxxFireArt is a character and story arcs specialist, a reviewer, a businessman, a completionist, a formatter, and a trendsetter. He is an instructor trepe.
  • Halberdierv2 is a foundation editor, a worker, and story arc specialist.
  • JBog is a businessman and a reviewer.
  • Juuhachi is a character specialist, a story arc specialist, and an image hunter.
  • Mohsinman99 is a reviewer.
  • Newten is an image hunter, a story arcs specialist, and a primer.
  • Obscurefan is a character specialist, a monthly editor, and a foundation editor.
  • Obsidian609 is a foundation and a primer.
  • SamFury is a reviewer, and a businessman. He is an instructor trepe.
  • ShadowKnight508 is a character specialist, a story arc specialist, and a trend setter.
  • Shels is a primer and an image hunter.
  • SickvisionZ is a businessman, a reviewer, a character and story arcs specialist, and an image hunter.
  • Sotyfan16 is a reviewer, a CEO businessman, a character specialist, and a primer.
  • Superevil225 is a character specialist and story arcs specialist, a reviewer, and a businesswoman.
  • Takashichea is a worker, a story arcs specialist, and a completionist.
  • Wales is a businessman, a story arcs specialist, a reviewer, and a monthly editor. He is an instructor trepe.
  • Zombiepie is a businessman.


Feel free to suggest more niches or to expand on any of these areas. I will update this and hopefully find some images to make this blog beautiful.

Go Anime Vice!

After note: I wanted to post users that I worked with as examples, but I haven't ask for permission.

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