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Tsundere Mash-Up

Welcome to the third Tsundere Mash-Up blog (female edition)! Our combatants are Shana (Shakugan no Shana) and Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière (The Familiar of Zero). Yesterday, I set up a match between Saya and Louise, but Daniel points out that Saya is not a tsundere and that she is just bitchy and whiny. My apologies, guys and gals, I haven't watch enough anime to learn the tsundere way. Don't get me started on Moe. I have no clue about that concept.

Anyway, let the tsundere battle begin! Both characters are voiced by Rie Kugimiya who is known for voicing lots of tsundere characters.

For those who are unfamiliar with Tsundere characters, here is a definition by our Anime Vice wiki editors:

"Tsundere" is a portmanteau of two Japanese phrases: "tsuntsun" and "deredere" and refers to characters who act hostile to the object of their affections, but secretly (or not-so-secretly) harbor feelings for them.


I tried not to give too much facts that leads to spoilers. Beware of the facts I give if you are looking forward to try these series. Also, I used "implied" for love interests because some folks noted that I spoiled them about possible relationships. My bad.

  • Shana is a Flame Haze after making a contract with the Crimson god Alastor and fights Crimson Denizens.
  • Shana's implied love interest is Yuji Sakai.
  • Why she is a tsundere: Since she is a bit reclusive, she tends to get possessive of Yuji.
  • Forms of Abuse: She stabs Yuji with her sword.
  • Example: She beats Yuji every time Yuji sees her undress. Yuji does not do this on purpose.
  • Louise is from a noble lineage of mages, but she sucks at magic. She tries to summon a familiar but ends up summoning Saito Hiraga.
  • Louise's implied love interest is Saito.
  • Why she is a tsundere: She gets jealous and usually beats or whips Saito whenever she sees Saito talks with other girls.
  • Forms of Abuse: Physical - uses a whip or kicks Saito in the crotch.
  • Example: Louise gets jealous when Saito and Tiffany hang out. (I don't have an exact example. Feel free to add one.)

Given the facts, who do you see as the most/better Tsundere character?

I noticed trailers are popular, but it's tough to find tsundere clips since I keep getting AMVs or awkward love moments.

If you have better videos, please leave them in the comments. I add them to the blog.

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