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Hello everyone, it's a beautiful yet really hot Friday. By hot, I mean stuffy and sticky. Today, it was a busy day at school. After the town hall meeting to support a friend of a friend who is running as the representative for my home town, I got a call from my siblings who were bored to death. Jesus, they don't go outside and play. Well, they say it's too hot. They told me to go to the library and pick some books for them. I swear they confused brother for butler or something.

Even I was in my favorite library that I used to volunteer, I unintentionally use the sandwich maneuver that taught me.

Here are the books that I pick up.

Oh yeah, if you're new, I do these blogs to promote family in this community. Check out the last blog, the Chobits one and June 2012.

Little Sister

She's the one who got me into anime. She loves mainly Shonen series, but she does read those Shoujo books.

Alice in the Country of Clover and Joker. I actually made two separate trips since my home library didn't have the first volume of Cheshire Cat. The library that had the first volume had two new Alice books. I haven't seen them before. When I texted my sis if she wants them, she texted back of course, you dummy. Cute, huh. I tend to read my sis's books when I'm bored. I happened to like Alice in the Country of Hearts despite it's geared to little girls. That's a bit awkward for a college guy like me. I always get embarrassed when I read or watch something cute or adult.

The last book is Spice and Wolf. I haven't read or watch that series.

Little Brother

My little brother is a big Yugioh fan who loves loves Garfield. I tried to get the kid to read some chapter books to get him ready for higher levels. He hates the books I read from middle school.

I used to love Yugioh when I was young. Then I got bored with it as I got older. I grew out of it. The only Yugioh series I watched is the abridged series.

For me, the big brother

I was too busy with school, so I didn't check out DVDs of regular movies or anime. I didn't find anything interesting in the manga aisle. I did check out this book. I love to read about different cultures as a student. Back in high school, I wanted to be a history teacher. I passed my AP history tests with fives. My scores told me I should definitely pursue a career in history. Though, my parents especially dad told me it's not a sustainable job. They told me I should become doctor. Short story - I ditched the doctor path. I'm going for health advisor or anything related to it since I'm not good at chemistry.

Back to the library blog, I checked the book about Arab culture because I met a young lady named . She's a Western-educated Arab-Canadian. Plus, I'm interviewing her and 's for the Canadian experiences. It's an article about sharing your outlook on anime culture and its people in their home countries. Check out the An Entire World of Anime Fans! -- THE VICE PIT and Auron570's My "Canadian" anime experience.

Thank you everyone for reading this. I hope you share your family experiences in Anime Vice. I'm a shy guy in the real world, too.

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