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Welcome to another trip to the library! I'm Taka, your casual anime fan and wiki editor. The last time I did the library blogs was in 2012. Things have change. I got more attached to the community which means more anime exposure.

My favorite library that I used to volunteer often didn't have Chobits. I had to bike downtown with my siblings to the the biggest library in the city. While my little bro and sis look for their books, I was browsing the video section and found Chobits. Though, the cover makes me feel weird. I couldn't come up to the counter with some girly anime. People would look at me weird. I was more comfortable at my favorite library since I knew the staff. Then, I found something to balance out all the cuteness from Chobits, Batman Under the Red Hood. I did watch this movie once. I guess I couldn't stay away from the movie or Jensen Ackles (voice of Jason Todd).

I wanted to watch Chobits dub ever since I found out that Michelle Ruff, who voices Rukia from Bleach, voices Chi while Crispin Freeman, voices Itachi Uchiha from Naruto, voices Hideki. I haven't watched the sub yet, but I got attached to the dub after seeing the first 4 episodes on Funimation's Youtube channel. I was sad to see no more dub episodes. That's why I rented from the library. It's much cheaper than Netflix. Though, I can only hold these DVDs for a week.

(My little bro is a big Yugioh fan. Sis checked out Rozen Maiden since she got curious about the show.)

With all the work at the family business, wiki editing, and the cultural experiences interview, a guy has no time to watch all these episodes of Chobits.

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