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Toriko Team Wiki Project List

Welcome to the Toriko wiki project where it was first started by Yusuke52. Since I got into Toriko because of and , I'm going to help out on the wiki pages, promote Toriko on the battle threads along with other shows, and promote the Toriko discussion.

Current Teammates

1. Toriko

Yusuke52 added the overview, plot, the characters (4 Heavenly Kings, IGO, etc), and merchandise.

2. Toriko
3. Toriko

PikaHyper added the volumes with their table of contents

4. Toriko

Created by ?
Othus added Abilities and personality, story arcs (Baron Archipelago and Shokurin Temple)
ForgottenOne added origin.
Taka added creation, appearance, and Komatsu's relationship

5. Komatsu

Created by Taka

6. Tina

Created by Taka

7. Coco

Yusuke52 actually created his page first, but he messed up on the birthday due to a glitch. I had to recreate the page from scratch.
Taka added Coco's powers, appearance, personality, story arcs (puffer whale and Regal Mammoth)
Taichokage added relationships, story arcs (Mellow Cola Arc, Gourmet Casino Arc, Four Beast Arc, Cooking Festival Arc), Taichokage expanded powers after the Chemical warfare bullet point

8. Zebra

12-18-13: Created by Taka
SpeedForceSpider added origin, creation, evolution (personality)
Taichokage added appearances, relationships, story arcs (Mellow Cola, Bubble Fruit, Four Beast, Cooking Festival, Billion Bird), powers, and other media.

9. Starjun

12-19-13: Created by Yusuke52
Taichokage added origin, creation, evolution (personality, appearances, and relationships), story arcs (Puffer Whale arc and regal mammoth), and powers.

10. Ichiryuu

12-19-13: Created by Yusuke52

11. Rin

12-19-13: Created by Yusuke52
Taka added origin, creation, relationships with Tina, story arcs (Regal Mammoth), and powers.

12. Midora

12-19-13: Created by Yusuke52
Taichokage added origin, creation, evolution (personality, appearances, and relationships), story arcs (century soup, meteor garlic, Shokurin Temple, and Cooking Festival), and powers.

13. Mansam

12-19-13: Created by Yusuke52

14. Acacia

12-19-13: Created by Yusuke52

15. Jirou

12-19-13: Created by Yusuke52
Waybig1010101 added origin, creation, evolution (appearance, personality, and relationships), story arcs (Puffer Whale, Reality of Gourmet World, Cooking Festival Arc), and Powers

16. Four Heavenly Kings

12-29-13: Created by Takashichea

17. Full Course Menu

12-29-13: Created by Takashichea

18. Gourmet Hunters

12-29-13: Created by Takashichea


1-14-2014: Created by Takashichea

20. Tommyrod

1-14-14: Created by Yusuke52

21. Rainbow Fruit

1-14-14: Created by Takashichea

22. Gourmet World

Between 12/12/13 and 12/18/13: Created by Takashichea

23. Gourmet Beasts

1-5-14: Created by Yusuke52

24. Capture Level

1-5-14: Created by Yusuke52

25. Tengu Brunch

1-17-14: Yusuke52

26. Gourmet Plants

1-19-14: Created by Takashichea

27. Gararagator

1-19-2014: Created by Takashichea

28. Zonge

recycled into Toriko page

29. Terry Cloth

1-19-2014: Created by yusuke52
Taichokage added origin, creation, evolution (personality, appearances), story arcs (Regal Mammoth arc, BB Corn, Meteor Garlic, Bubble Fruit, Four Beast, Cooking Festival, Billion Bird, and powers.

30. Kiss
31. Puffer Whale

1-20-14: Taka

32. Puffer Whale Cave
33. Human World (Toriko)

1-20-14: ForgottenOne

34. Mother Snake

1-20-14: ForgottenOne

35. Quinn

1-20-14: ForgottenOne

36. Gourmet Reviver

1-20-14: Taka

37. Setsuno

1-22-14: ForgottenOne

38. International Gourmet Organization

1-22-14: ForgottenOne

39. GT Robo


40. Teppei


41. Yosaku


42. Aimaru


43. Takimaru


44. Alfaro


45. Chiyo


46. Bogie Woods


47. Jerry Boy


48. Barrygamon

1-20-14: Created by Yusuke52
Taichokage added origin, creation, evolution (relationships), story arcs (Century Soup Arc, Cooking Festival Arc), and powers

49. Elg


50. Kuromado


takashichea moderator is online on Dec. 19, 2013 at 10:01 a.m.


We have 13 characters added in Toriko. I'm going back to the first volume to pick up any characters that appeared and work my way up.

Yusuke52on Jan. 14, 2014 at 3:59 p.m.

I just created and added Tommyrod to the main page there, the link function didn't work for some reason but I just added the html tags myself to get around that.

edit. Sorry I didn't see you had already updated this, I was trying to fix that link.

takashichea moderator is online on Jan. 14, 2014 at 4:02 p.m.


It's okay. Anime Vice glitches too much from time to time.

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