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Hey everyone, welcome to the Toonami's discussion thread for Deadman Wonderland. I know it's a bit late, but I wanted to keep the hype and the momentum that Toonami and Richie Branson left high as possible in this community.

For those who are new to the Deadman Wonderland franchise, here's a synopsis written by the Anime Vice wiki editors.

The Tokyo Quake. A devastating disaster that left the city in ruins, and is the setting of our sordid tale.

The Deadman Wonderland. A prison where only the worst of the worst go. But Ganta Igarashi has found himself falsely accused of murder and sent to this terrifying prison. Afraid for his life, Ganta discovers that he is a " Deadman", a person who can manipulate their own blood as a form of attack. Now, Ganta and his new friend Shiro must find a way out of the prison, or else fall victim to the sadistic Director and his diabolical plans.

Questions for Discussion

I'm just adding these to promote the discussion.

  • What do you guys and gals feel about the dub? What characters' voices were good and what were bad?
  • Do you feel that Toonami did a good job in airing Deadman Wonderland?

I'm going put my thoughts into this spoiler box and comment later.


It was a hell of roller coaster ride. Lots of tension, violence, and profanity. I could have sworn it had a lot of bleeps. It was funny at some times.

I remember Minatsuki had a lot of bleeps when she shares what really happened in the past. I love her voice acting.

Crow and Owl's dub voice are cool.


Due to the dubbing, Ganta's voice actor makes it hard to take him seriously. I haven't watch the sub yet, but I have seen some clips. Shiro's dub voice is okay, but she does sound innocent and eerie when she sings in the sub version.

Like most violent anime shows, there is a lot of censorship. What they do is make some areas black. During the first episode and Crow's first fight with Ganta, it's really hard see. In Ganta's first meeting with Crow, it's hard to enjoy the action when everything is too damn dark.

Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts.

Notes: I usually record Adult Swim on my VHS tapes since I usually wiki edit late on Saturdays. Since May of 2012, I recorded Deadman Wonderland up to Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I'll start up a discussion thread for Casshern Sins but not for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

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