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Finished clearing all Attack on Titan characters. Was really close to 5PM. I'll be back to save up the Attack on Titan episode summaries and finish Taichokage and rest of my teammates' wiki subs.
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I admit that I have poor time management skills and tend to overwhelm myself both in school and Anime Vice's wiki projects. In June, we made great progress in Rave Master, but not Shaman King. Even with the wiki editing, I have to make time for family and studying. When July comes, I will be taking summer school and the wiki project's progress will slow down.

This is just to show you the workload, and the subject in the middle is my summer school class.
This is just to show you the workload, and the subject in the middle is my summer school class.

Here's the photo for cram week.

I have to return the books in a week. (Actually, I think vol. 21-23 are due on July 8 while the rest are due three weeks later). This is the schedule for the this week:

  1. Finished reformatting Rave Master episodes
  2. Worked on one volume of Shaman King a day
  3. Worked on Rave Master's characters
  4. Worked on Shaman King's characters

It's cram week time!

Current Projects

Fairy Tail

October 2010-current

Partners: Annabanana (active), Obscurefan (moved to Bakuman, but comes back on the character pages), Obsidian609 (contribute to the franchise while working on other things), Piface314 (inactive?), Wales (partner of Obscurefan who works on Bakuman and works on bounties for Fairy Tail)

Shaman King

February 2011 -current

Partners: none unless you count YGTYUV and Nightwolf who contribute once. Tried to recruit them, and they agree to help. I haven't seen much action from them. I still hope they will come back because there is too much stuff to do.

Rave Master

May 17, 2011-current

Partners: Fire_Star (Active)


Most of Fairy Tail's character pages are done. Anna and I are taking turns on the new episode that comes out every Friday. Even though the anime episodes' still need plot summaries, it will be done before the end of August 2011.

For Shaman King, I think 44 episodes have plot summaries but it is not in the right format. I neglected the characters since I was too focused on the episodes and the volumes' plot summaries.

For Rave Master, all of the episodes have plot summaries, and 30 of them are in the right format. The characters have the right format, and they still need story arcs.

*If you want to know why I reformat and the layout, please see the 99% Rave Master Anime completed blog.

Plan of Attack in July

Since I am taking a hard class, I have to work on in the weekends. I work on Rave Master's characters, Shaman King's volumes, characters, and episodes, and Fairy Tail's new and old episodes. I have to choose one project and postponed the other two.

I just want to work on all of them, but I have to be realistic. My decision is to pick Shaman King to finish the anime, and work on Rave Master's characters.

Possible Distractions

I tend to work on other wiki pages or go into the forums. This blog is a big distraction, but I don't care. Plus, I have promised other wiki editors that I come back.

  1. Juuhachi - Supernatural (I worked on two episodes' plot summaries and stopped due to school. I promised her I worked on it during summer.)
  2. Hetalia - Postponed project
  3. Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka - Postponed project
  4. Implied Sex Scene concepts - I get leads and work on the episodes to find reasons and evidence.
  5. ShadowKnight508 - Heaven Lost Property's character page formatting (I am not sure if I actually promised. Regardless, I will keep my word)

For Supernatural, I will work on it in August.

July's Goals (7-10-2011)

Since summer school starts on July 11, 2011, my work will be slow.

My goal is to finish Blue Exorcist episodes, Shaman King episodes and volumes, and Fairy tail wiki pages. It will be slow and steady.

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