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I'm tired. Finished wiki moderation, homework for Mon, and Feb 2015 community report. I haven't wiki edit today due to Church. PM me if you need me.
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I'm testing the list's features to see it works or not. This is for my team who's working so hard on these franchises. I had writer's block (please see blog) in August, so I used summer school and wiki editing to put off beginner guides.

New Goals

Now, I have to finish at least two guides before October. Why October? I can't tell you why!

The guides are in reverse order. Shaman King's draft is more complete than the others. I spent too much time on that series, and I think Sket Dance is the easiest one to write about, but I need to funny for that one.

Skills I need to master:

Being Neutral, Funny, and Concise. Due to my wiki editor's roles, I have too much information, so I need to trim it down for the beginner guides.

How do I do that?

I wrote some weekly articles on Beelzebub and Blue Exorcist.

  1. Blue Exorcist
  2. Beelzebub

Bad News: I have the fall semester already started, so I bit the bullet when I failed to do it during the summer. I'm such a scaredy cat, but the beginner guides need to be good. Can't rush it. Going to get someone to proof read it (Preferably, someone who has not watch these franchises).

3. Sket Dance

Beginner Guide: Sket Dance

Unlike Rave Master and Shaman King, I haven't start this one since my team just formed in late August. It's worth a shot for my team. I just to write better. Wiki editing is different from writing beginner guides.

I'm happy with three characters.

1. Bossun

He's the leader in the Sket Dan club. <br> Powers: Concentration mode is where he puts on his goggles to figure out the solution to their requests' problems.

2. Hime Onizuka

She's the powerhouse in the Sket Dan club. <br> Powers: Don't be fool by her pretty appearance. Her field hockey stick, Cyclone, can dish a lot of damage such as bringing the down the roof.

3. Kazuyoshi Usui

He's the brains in the Sket Dan club. <br> Powers: Even though he uses a laptop to speak, he can gather information quickly and helps his team with his gizmos such as a homing device.

2. Rave Master

Beginner Guide: Rave Master Characters

I figure it is more easier to stick a list in a PM. Will finish draft in one week since I promised others that I finished before August in a blog.

I won't fail them now. I just need to finish the verdict and analysis for manga and anime.

1. Haru Glory

A teenage boy who becomes the 2nd generation Rave Master, and before leaving Garage Island, he promises his sister that he will come back home after defeating Demon Card and helping Plue to get all the Five Rave stones.

2. Elie

A mysterious girl who has amnesia and a past relating to the Rave stones.

3. Hamrio Musica

A Silver Claimer and a thief whose family is massacred by a psychopath seeks the Silver Ray to honor his teacher's will.

4. Plue

A carrot nosed dog who helps Haru track down the Rave Stones.

1. Shaman King

Beginner Guide: Shaman King Characters

This is one I struggled with the most. I got too much characters, so I paired them in twos for the shamans and their spirits. Now, I have 10 rows.

What I finished: Characters, Story, and Introduction.

Need to finished: Verdict, Terminology, Conclusion, and perfecting hook.

1. Yoh Asakura

He is a slacker who only wants to listen his music and stare at the sky. Dream: To get the easy life <br> Race: Japanese <br> Spirit Ally: Amidamaru is a samurai whose nickname is the fiend.

2. Ren Tao

Due to his family's reputation, he trains relentlessly. Dream: To restore the honor of the Tao Family, but his goals change about ending the cycle of vengeance and hatred after fighting Yoh. <br> Race: Chinese <br> Spirit Ally: Bason is a warlord.

3. Manta Oyamada

He is Yoh's friend who accompanies him during his battles in the Shaman King fight. Race: Japanese <br>

4. Anna Kyouyama

She is Yoh's fiancee who shares the same goals as Yoh as the shaman queen. Race: Japanese <br>

5. Bokuto no Ryu

Bokuto no Ryu and his punks seek hangouts to find their place in society. Dream: To find his happy place. <br> Race: Japanese <br> Spirit Ally: Tokagero is a bandit who was killed by Amidamaru.

6. Horohoro

From Hokkaido, Horohoro works hard to reach his and his sister's dream. Dream: To build a vast field of Butterbur to save the Koropokku from extinction. <br> Race: Japanese - Ainu <br> Spirit Ally: Kororo is a Koropokkuru.

7. Johann Faust VIII

A doctor who lost his wife to an intruder. <br> Dream: To restore his beloved wife, Eliza, back to life. <br> Race: German <br> Spirit Alley: Eliza is his wife and partner.

8. Lyserg Diethel

A dowser who aspires to be the best detective like his parents. <br> Dream: To avenge his parent's death by killing Hao Asakura. <br> Race: British <br> Spirit Ally: Morphine is a spirit handed down from the dowsing generation.

9. Chocolove McDonell

A former gang member whose life is changed by a Brazilian man named Olona. Dream: To save the world with laughter by becoming the best comedian. Race: African American <br> Spirit Ally: Mic the Jaguar is Olona's former partner.

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