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Angel’s Drop

Genre: Comedy

The story centers on Botan and Shinobu, two childhood friends who enroll in St. Azumaria Girls' Academy. Their encounter with an "angel" named Un-chan lead to strange things happening in their lives.

Check out the trailer and wiki page.


Genre: Slice of Life

Check out the trailer and wiki page.

Odoriko Clinoppe

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: May 9

The story follows the protagonist "Onei-san" after she comes home from work tired and exhausted. Suddenly, she sees a the odd-looking Clinoppe dancing nearby. Clinoppe might be trying to cheer up Onei-san, or it might just be trying to get Onei-san to give it candy (Clinoppe's favorite food).

In the game, the player raises Clinoppe, a mysterious creature with a squishy, palm-sized body that was discovered in the mountains of India. The player can take care of Clinoppe, outfit it with clothes and items, and watch it dance. Different players can also chat and exchange ideas in this game popular with among women in their 20s and 30s.

Check out the trailer and wiki page.


Genre: Slice of LIfe

Release Date: July 2013

Check out the trailer and wiki page.



Check out the trailer and wiki page.

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